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    Help Altering Hop Schedule

    Hello All, I am going to be brewing Midwest Supply's Hop Head IPA all-grain recipe kit. I am thinking about altering the hop schedule. I wanted to try reducing early additions and adding to later additions to increase hop flavor and aroma; all the while, maintaining the recipe's original IBU...
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    Stuck Ferment..Pitch more yeast????

    Hello All, I've got an extract IPA that has stopped fermenting at 71% attenuation(1.072-1.020). I've had a stable gravity reading for a full week now. I know there may be many reasons for why this occurred and at the moment am not trying to get help with figuring out why. I have already tried...
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    Extract Kits Turning Out Overly Sweet

    What kind of impact would temperature fluctuation during fermentation have? I just checked an IPA that has been in primary for 3 weeks and it is currently at 75% attenuation using S-05. This is the only brew that I have gotten a decent attenuation on and I just realized that all my prior brews...
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    Extract Kits Turning Out Overly Sweet

    Hello All, I've brewed a few extract kits(from Northern Brewer) now and each one of them has turned out overly sweet. I started with the White House Honey Ale and Caribou Slobber kits. I did partial boils(per the instructions) and kept the fermentation vessel at steady temps for 3 weeks before...
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    Have you brewed Dead Ringer IPA?

    I used the extract kit with S-05 yeast. Partial Boil. I rehydrated and pitched one pack. OG: 1.061 FG: 1.013; Fermentation temp was maintained within the recommended 64-71 degrees but fluctuated semi frequently within that range. Most of the bottles have not fully carbed yet. I'm using PET...
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    Have you brewed Dead Ringer IPA?

    Hello All, I bottled my Dead Ringer IPA 2.5 weeks ago. I tried one and mine doesn't taste like an ipa. I can't really taste the hops coming through at all. I followed the directions exactly and used a hop bag both during the brew and during dry hopping. In addition, something about it tasted...
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    Bourbon Barrel Porter Yeast Substitution

    Hello All, I am going to be brewing Northern Brewer's Bourbon Barrel Porter extract kit for the first time and after doing some reading on using the recommended dry yeast(Windsor Danstar), I have discovered this yeast has a pretty low attenuation. I've seen quite a few posters say the final...