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    Unintentional spontaneous fermentation help!?

    It's pretty doubtful, but then I would also think that 24 hours would be a pretty short timeframe for wild yeast to kick up an inch of foam. I would follow Harvey's advice.
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    Forgot grain in hot car

    I don't know anything in particular on this subject, but reasoning this out leads me to it's not ideal, but, at minimum, the grain sat in a hot silo before it was malted and probably sat in a hot truck en route to the store after malting, so it might not have affected it that much.
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    Problems with too high efficiency?

    Sorry if I missed it, but are there any issues with the aroma or flavor? If the only issue is higher than expected extraction, wait and see if it continues with your next couple of batches. If so, adjust your recipes going forward. If not, it was just an aberration and nothing to be concerned about.
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    Constant Temp or Better Temp

    I would go with varying lower temps. That said, the recommended temp of 21C (70F) is relatively high for most beer styles. xpops' recommendation is a good one, if you can get it set up in short order. Most fermentation-derived off-flavors are created during the first few days, so if you're going...
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    Any point in entering a NEIPA into a Competition....

    This isn't what I had previously read, but Gordon Strong says to enter them as 21B. That said, this is a recent change, so not all judges may be up to speed.
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    Any point in entering a NEIPA into a Competition....

    Depending on the judge(s), you could get marked down for the haziness and also the lack of perceived bitterness. I saw something about BJCP allowing NE IPAs under Specialty IPA, but in the first round of the NHC this year an NE IPA didn't advance, because, "although a REALLY good beer, it isn't...
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    Question About a BJCP Judge Remark

    As Andy pointed out, you have to match the judges' comments against your perception of reality. I had the same beer in two competitions and one of the combined five judges noted items that the others did not: lack of carbonation, lack of Belgian yeast character and oxidation. After reading that...
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    Bad score, really bad score

    To add onto the subjectivity theme...While stewarding there was an IPA at the next table that scored 44 (consensus between two judges). Due to such a high score, that steward poured a couple of samples after the judges were done and offered one to me. For me, it was straight up cat urine in both...
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    RIP Roger Moore, AKA James Bond I grew up with

    He was the first Bond that I knew as well. I don't know that I've seen any of his work outside of the 007 movies. He definitely left an impression from that work.
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    Stop fermentation? Or DON'T YOU DARE! ???

    Airlock bubbles are not an accurate indication of active fermentation. Pop the lid and take your measurement.
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    Do I need yeast nutrient/energizer for mead?

    I have read where dead yeast was used as nutrient. It should be as easy as boiling water, adding yeast and once cooled add to the must.
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    Calculating the ABV of an Eisbier

    Your volume numbers are slightly off, but should be close enough. I ran this through a Pearson's Square and came up with 7.33%; less than 0.5% discrepancy I would call it good.
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    adding Fruit Puree/Concentrate with preservatives to secondary

    It should be fine. I have used the DaFruta Passion Fruit without issue.
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    Blue Moon Clone

    Sorry, I had never heard of doing this and somehow missed when it was brought up a few pages back.