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    Pennsylvania All grain equipment brewing and kegging, would like gone as a lot $600 no shipping (p

    Mini fridge, fits two cornys and co2 tank 20lb co2 tank legit and full 4 corny kegs, one needs new post Single pass cold plate 50ft cfc 50 ft immersion chiller Monster mill with 7lb hopper (may have hand crank, always used drill) Usb postal scale weighs up to 10 lbs 2 10 gallon coolers, one...
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    6 tap t tower Philadelphia $350 obo

    Thanks dude, didn't know there was one....I haz dumb. 'Do you even phbc bro?'
  3. boswell

    6 tap t tower Philadelphia $350 obo

    How's $250? I'm not going to use this thing anytime soon and could use the cash.
  4. boswell

    6 tap t tower Philadelphia $350 obo

    Simple, air cooled 6 tap tower with faucets and black handles. Will need new lines, faucets little sticky because hasn't been used in months. In perfect condition. Would rather meet up locally, than ship, but would ship for additional $. Please contact me directly at thehomebrewlife(a)gmail.com...
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    10 hours and no bubbling?

    All these replies are true, however it shouldn't take that long. Do some research, refine your processes. Garret Oliver of Brooklyn beer said anecdotally that fermentation should have visible signs in 12 hours which has become my personal (amateur) benchmark. Also, don't pitch above 68 degrees...
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    You don't need a starter for that gravity with s05. Rehydrate correctly per instructions with ore oiled water and pitch. It looks fine to me, but smell it.
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    Partigyle for Dummies, by a dummy....

    It's not difficult, you just have to be flexible with what you get as an outcome. I recently moved my beer junk to my new abode, I will update (actually follow through) with this thread. I may have to tweak aforementioned recipe, and I probably can't edit original posting, so perhaps a new...
  8. boswell

    Partigyle for Dummies, by a dummy....

    I did a few times, little success the first couple tries, then I had a kid which took me away from brewing for a few. Planning on completing this thread in a few weeks as I'm comfortable with the process now.
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    Can I use gelatin to clarify after I have carbonated the beer in the keg?

    Also depends on the recipe and process. I'm no expert, but I used some flaked barley for head retention as an experiment, fermented with Conan and it never cleared even after a crash and gelatin.
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    How long does brew day take you?

    Depends how many beers I have.
  11. boswell

    yeast storage

    Check the 'slanting yeast' sticky at the top of the page. I haven't done it but the instructions are very detailed.
  12. boswell

    Can anyone tell me the best way to wash/have yeast for minibatches?

    Hmm, 'yeast ranching ECY29' I think? It was a whole ago.
  13. boswell

    Why not wash and repitch dry yeasts?

    Notty at my LHBS is $5.25! I've also read about leaving a little beer on top, but I like washing and splitting into 4-5 sanitized jars.
  14. boswell

    Why not wash and repitch dry yeasts?

    YOOPER, that is my logic as well. I like the beer that I make from dry yeasts and now that the price is what it is, why not get 4 pitches from a pack?
  15. boswell

    Why not wash and repitch dry yeasts?

    Pitching on a cake is not a good practice (however I have done it with HUGE partigyle first runnings), but that's a topic for another thread, and there are always 3 or 4 of them active around here. I'm specifically talking about washing and keeping a few pitches around for future batches...