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    Oktoberfest Ale and Gellatin

    Thanks Beerific thats what I figured.
  2. Boston Brew Guy

    Oktoberfest Ale and Gellatin

    I guess my real question is does gelatin only take things out of suspension, or will it take things out that are dissolved? Also the MD was added because it is an extract brew and it makes up for the carapils or caramunich, not sure which.
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    Oktoberfest Ale and Gellatin

    I am making an Oktoberfest Ale. It had malto-dextrin added in the boil. If I use gellatin will it take the MD out and reduce the body of the finished product? Also can you pitch on a yeast cake, or wash the yeast if you use gellatin?
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    An apparrently pointless name change

    I wish I didnt get that joke.
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    What happens w/ extra yeast

    How long did you wait until you repitched? Most likely you just wasted an extra pack of yeast. Your beer will be fine, it just may be a little different than it would if you just used your intended yeast. Usually the best action to take is to just relax and give it time. Good luck.
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    Apple Cider Beer

    I am not too familiar with a beer like this, but in general flavors will greatly change during bottle conditioning. I would expect it to get better.
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    Cornies empty too fast

    twoheads, dont ever say you are contract brewing. It illegal and I would be shocked if ATF doesnt keep an eye on this board. Just let your friends buy you ingredients and then you can give them free beer.
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    Brittle bottles!

    I would careful with sierra nevada bottles. Others have said they break often.
  9. Boston Brew Guy

    splenda instead of priming sugar

    If he put in the equivalent amount of splenda by volume as 4.5 oz of sugar it might not be too bad. If he put in 4.5 oz of splenda, toss it because that will be overpowering.
  10. Boston Brew Guy

    Measuring S.G. while avoiding solids

    Rabidgerbill, did you even read the comment that you said you couldn't disagree more with? He said he doesn't take a hydro reading until the bubbles stop. There is nothing wrong with that. It waste less beer. He didn't say he didn't take reading ever.
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    My first brew was ready today

    Annika, Are you the one who kees telling me I won the lottery in a foreign country?
  12. Boston Brew Guy

    0 - Beer in 10days 3 hours.

    can you post the recipe? Right now I only have a porter that needs serious aging and would like to try a quick brew. Thanks
  13. Boston Brew Guy

    New bung, won't stay in carboy.

    I also vote for a carboy cap. I have no need for an auto siphon with the caps.
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    using spraymalt with thomas coopers pilsener

    Normally I would agree that it should be brewed following the directions, but not if the directions call for dumping in table sugar. If I were the OP I would substitute a malt for the sugar. I dont have any experience with wheat, but it sounds interesting.
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    Thread Moving

    I agree that we dont need anymore sub forums. If it were up to me though, I would leave all the extract kit questions in the extract forum. I agree that it is more likely to be seen by other extract brewers.