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    Bohemian Pilsner with WLP815?

    I know it's probably a bit late but I've now made 4x lagers with this strain and it's great. It definitely accentuates hop flavour and bitterness, so probably not the best strain for a malty beer, but it makes a superb pilsner! I'm now making my 5th lager on the repitch and it's working...
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    Czech Premium Pale Lager Export Strength Bohemian Pilsner

    Hmm, well the melanoiden really does bring quite a lot to the beer. The carapils isn't particularly important from a flavour perspective, but I'm kinda going back to it these days to try and get my beers to attenuate less when using large amounts of pilsner malt. It seems that with an...
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    Czech Premium Pale Lager Export Strength Bohemian Pilsner

    Great news, how did you get along? I posted this recipe years ago, but it's still probably the best lager I've ever made. If I brewed it again, I'd lose the carapils and flaked barley entirely and just go pils / munich / melanoiden. I actually used UK munich malt in this originally, which has...
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    Can you Brew It recipe for Epic Pale Ale

    I live about 5 miles from Bairds maltings, but they don't sell in smaller quantities than a few tons / a lorry load at a time. My online LHBS stocks all Fawcetts malts though so I really have no excuse but to make this :)
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    American Pale Ale BBD Brewing Kabe's Secret APA

    Dog hair in the mash, á la Tasty McDole?
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    Lager won't clear

    Sorry to dig up an old thread, but did you ensure your mash pH was correct? If it gets too high, you extract tannins from the grain which can cause a haze (ask me how I know). This can happen really easily with something like a pilsner which is all light coloured malt, especially if your water...
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    Can you Brew It recipe for Epic Pale Ale

    whoah that's a lot of crystal!!
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    Excess of crystal malt - need ideas

    I actually use clip-lock food containers - kinda like tupperware but with locking lids with gaskets that keep air out, hence keeping the malt fresh. Also, if you can keep your malt refridgerated, so much the better.
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    Excess of crystal malt - need ideas

    I've kept crushed malts refrigerated in oxygen-barrier containers for a year and they still tasted good enough to brew with, but I think 6 months is probably the longest I'd want to keep crushed malts, especially lighter-coloured ones. In my experience, darker and especially roasted malts will...
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    ESB Recipe - Thoughts?

    I got this on yesterday as a small test batch - I had to go without the aromatic, as what I thought was aromatic was actually cara-aroma. Fermenting now at 19ºC (66ºF), will allow it to step up a few degrees over the course of fermentation to a max of 21ºC (70ºF).
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    ESB Recipe - Thoughts?

    Well thanks for the vote of confidence! I'll probably get it on tomorrow as I just received all the ingredients this morning :) My idea for this beer is to have a firm bitterness, balanced by a rich, caramelly maltiness, but with just a touch of hop flavour so the malt really shines through...
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    ESB Recipe - Thoughts?

    Thanks! I think as homebrewers we're often tempted to throw in all but the kitchen sink in our beers. I might even leave out the aromatic and go no-sparge instead - the british malts have such a depth of flavour to them already that I'm not sure it'll improve the recipe.
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    ESB Recipe - Thoughts?

    Hi all, Well, usually I do lagers but I do like to have a keg of ale on hand, and I've just about finished my current one - a Cascade / Amarillo pale ale. I thought I might like to have a British bitter on for a change. I adore Fullers ESB so thought I'd try for something similar. All malts...
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    De Koninck Yeast from bottle?

    All the De Koninks I've had before have not been bottle conditioned. What De Koninck are you drinking that has yeast sediment in the bottle?
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    Football (Soccer) World Cup, South Africa 2010

    Ya, it's such a shame it's being held in winter - Cape Town (my hometown) is cold, wet, windy and miserable in winter. At least the rest of the country still has pretty fair weather with clear skies etc, even if a little cold. Re Green's mess up - a shocker but I feel for the guy. Still think...