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    Wierd Idea..?

    I thought this thread died, a long time ago... Glad to see it's still around! I did malt and brew with lentils three years ago (see the beginning of the thread). I stopped growth when the acrospire was half the length of the lentil. I dried 'em, then kilned them at 200F for an hour. I...
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    Equally Obnoxious Hockey Trash Talk Thread, eh?

    Despite decimated defensive department, dominance! GO JETS GO!
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    Equally Obnoxious Hockey Trash Talk Thread, eh?

    How Lowe can the Oilers go? Sometimes, when I think about all the poor management I've seen in the Blue Bombers organization over the past few years, it makes me sad. Then, I think, "Well, at least the Bombers are not as badly run as the Oilers"...and I can at least grit my teeth, and get on...
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    Sweet stout with pink peppercorns

    What yeast and at what temp are you fermenting? I'm wondering if some of the pepper aroma might get scrubbed away...coming from the "I want distinct pepper aroma, with possible pepper flavour" end of the spectrum... Sounds like it should be good one way or the other...keep posting, please!
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    What do you do with your spent grains?

    I compost 'em, or feed 'em to pigs at a farm near where I work. I think over the holidays, I'm going to try make pine cone and suet feeders with some. Roll a pine cone in softened suet, and then in birdseed...in this case, spent grain. Sounds like a plan...I have an excuse to brew a small...
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    Funny things you've overheard about beer

    I try to brew custom batches for friends and colleagues every so often. My co-workers boyfriend tried to get in on the action. Hard to take his begging for beer seriously when he asked for a beer with "low IPAs...if the IPA number gets too high, it's too bitter". I've seen IBU/IPA confusion...
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    SUPER faint fermentation odor

    Thanks PorterPounder...you make a good point! I got so excited, I didn't think that some of the nasty stuff might be staying in solution and not getting scrubbed out by CO2. Figure I'll let the SG drop to the low 20's, then warm it up to about 65F (the temp I normally ferment with Notty) and...
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    SUPER faint fermentation odor

    I decided to try a pseudo-lager with Nottingham. It's Light DME, bit of crystal 10L for body/head, Northern Brewer for bittering, NB and Liberty for aroma; OG 1.041. Fermentation temp is 55F. It's about 56 hours since pitching, got about 1" of krausen, and way more airlock activity than I...
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    Sweet stout with pink peppercorns

    Subscribed. I've been looking at peppercorn use rates all over HBT and elsewhere this morning; though I'm coming from the other end of the this topic (how little pepper can I add but still add aroma and a bit of flavour), the idea of a pepper-loaded beer is...intriguing. Let me know if/when...
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    Pineapple plant???

    I threw some into an APA instead of flavour and aroma hops. It was...okay. The pineapple aroma sure came through, but the taste...was camomile. So, I kinda got what I was looking for. I think I would have been a happier camper if I would have paired the pineapple plant with something like...
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    Anyone ever brew a swankey?

    I did end up brewing a swankey last spring, with another batch a few weeks ago. I used Randy Mosher's description from Radical Brewing[I] (brew a light gravity brown ale, and add anise) as my guide, and modified my go-to mild recipe, from Dave Miller's [I]Brewing the World's Great Beers...
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    lemonade/skeeter pee?

    Yup! My skeeter-pee drinking friends and family prefer xylitol back sweetening to splenda - 'round these parts, works out to be cheaper, too. I second the folks who say EC-1118 for a complete, dry ferment. I've used it in skeeter pee and a few meads, and it finishes bone dry, lets you...
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    Ok, Admit You Do It

    This is one of the many reasons to grow hops. The "green screen" on the fence around my yard provides a source of brewing ingredients, and a nice screen for those times when one does not want to track mud into the house just to answer nature's call.
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    Homebrew hangovers

    Fusels have been mentioned, what about acetaldehyde? Is their any green apple taste/aroma in what you're drinking and then getting the hangover from? A friend of mine gets pretty ill from beer with any noticeable acetaldehyde profile. Just a thought. Personally, if I drink smart, homebrew...
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    1-Gallon Brewers UNITE!

    It's a refractometer. I love mine, for all the reasons mentioned, AND for checking fruit sugar content before harvesting. Be aware, once fermentation starts, the alcohol content will mess with your readings, and SG won't read true. I use this tool to correct.