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  1. Bob_E

    Wyeast spam

    Just a heads up, I've been getting spam mail from The name on the recent one is Gmail Team titled Message Notification, but I don't have a gmail account and the address it was sent from is [email protected] I'm thinking their email got hacked, and if the hacker was a little...
  2. Bob_E

    Carboy/ Keg Cleaner Giveaway

    send me a carboy/keg cleaner
  3. Bob_E

    Help me create an electronic signature

    I read mention of paint.NET in this forum. So, I decided to download it and give it a try. I'm not going to fumble around with that back asswards gimp anymore. It just took me minutes to figure out how to do what took me hours last night. I just had to cut away what I didn't want to make it...
  4. Bob_E

    Help me create an electronic signature

    Layer, Transparency, Color to Alpha... Holy **** it took me forever to figure that out. But in the mean time I stumbled across scaling images, adding layers, merging layers, flattening and removing transparency, and inverting colors. I drew my logo/signature with a pencil on a piece of...
  5. Bob_E

    Help me create an electronic signature

    What I would like to do is take a picture of my hand written signature and make the background transparent keeping only the writing so that in the future I could just drop this signature on any label. I'm pretty sure it's possible, it seems like I've seen it done before. I just don't have any...
  6. Bob_E


    man, it didn't look like no 2000 names in that fish tank... It was rigger I tell ya.
  7. Bob_E

    Large Giveaway - Fermenter, Mash Paddles, Thermapen username: BobE
  8. Bob_E

    Help me kill time!

    I've got a harmonica. I'm not very good with it. From time to time the neighbors like to keep me awake by yelling at each other. I consider this to be good retribution :mug:
  9. Bob_E

    Help with improving refrigerator performance in a garage

    is the fridge constantly running? If not then you might be hitting the limit of the thermostat in the fridge. If it is, something else to look at would be to make sure the door seal is in good order and sealing properly. If there is duct between the freezer and fridge make sure it is...
  10. Bob_E

    Homemade fridge thermostat?

    That forum and this site are all I've been able to find. That LCD screen is sweet, but I have to agree no where near worth the price.
  11. Bob_E

    Homemade fridge thermostat?

    Quite a while ago I ran across a website where a guy detailed how he made his own thermostat for his fridge. Now I can't find it, or much else like it. Anybody have a link for this kinda thing? Thanks.
  12. Bob_E

    Growing irritation at restaurants and bars

    Around here when ever I go to a new restaurant I ask with a little bit of hope "what kind of beer do you have" and usually get an answer along the lines of "All of them. Bud, Miller and Coors" One time I had a waitress just stare at me like I was speaking a foreign language, or was somehow...
  13. Bob_E

    Show Me Your Wood Brew Sculpture/Rig

    I ran across this earlier.