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    A good Kölsch

    Goose Island Summertime.
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    Another post your beer pic

    Yummy Full Sail , Session Lager clone.
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    Starting to get infected batches...

    I would soak everything for a day or two. Also scrubbing your fermenter with harsh utensils can cause scaring on the inside, leaving cracks for organisms to grow and breed. Helpful hint would be to soak everything while your wort is boiling. Fill the fermenter all the way to the top. Drop all...
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    Is my beer dead?

    +1 pull the airlock and take a wiff, bet it smells like fermented wort. If so put it back on and wait a couple weeks and then bottle. A hydrometer reading would confirm it, but your nose is a good tool too.
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    Left malt extract in car overnight!

    The don't ship it cold, who knows what it goes through before you get it. Brew away!
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    First the wait

    I meant addicted to brewing, brew gadgets ect ect.. Felt the need to clear that up.....
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    First the wait

    Congrats on your first brew! A thought the secondary, if you have the option, cold crash it. It will clear it up a lot. Let it sit in 34° for week or so. looks like you did your research and are well on your way to a rehab center! (most homebrewers are addicted whether they admit it or not! )
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    Yeast Starter Newb Questions

    I use 1Oz of dme for every cup of water. I make a quart so I use 4 Oz. works out to about 3/4 of a cup of dme.
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    Starter Ingredients: Cheap White Sugar + Nutrients?

    I buy a 1 pound bag of light DME and use 4Oz of that to make my starters. Don't know about simple sugars and all that. Let you guys argue over it. It smells and tastes like beer when I dump it in and that's good enough for me. Hope you find the answers your looking for.
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    High final gravity, possible bottle bomb issue

    Was it an extract batch? If so, most finish around 1.020 or so.its not uncommon. Wait, don't open any for a couple weeks. My guess that it is just fine.
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    Yeast pitching mistake?

    naw, it might not taste like sweet stout that your used to, but it will be good all the same.
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    Yeast pitching mistake?

    Pitching at a higher temp is not a big deal, I pitch at 75° for ales on a regular basis. Gives them a good start. But, it goes directly into the ferm chamber to get cooled down to the target temp. Like yooper said higher temps can cause off flavors and other things you do not want. I say...
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    Faint film in primary

    I think its awesome we can determine if a beer is infected, bad or hell bent on destroying the earth on one pic down the neck of a carboy. If it tastes ok, smells ok, its probably just that, ok.
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    Deer park water jugs

    this is hilarious! Let me get this strait, your out processing some crime at a house or whatever, body parts, shell casings, fingerprints and various what nots. And you see a carboy and think "can I use this for beer? " Absolutely hilarious.