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    Can I submerge my regulator????

    You didn't change the temperature did you? If you drop the temperature the pressure will drop.
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    Proof needed infected beer cant make you sick

    I never got the runs from beer. Is that normal?
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    Hilarious First AG Experience

    Yeah, I noticed NB took out the wheat as well. I've brewed two great NB Kolsch's in the past and just ordered the kit again without the wheat. I hope it's as good as the old recipe.
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    All Grain Cost > Extract, Why

    The AG version uses a lot of Marris Otter, which they sell at $2/lb. The extract version uses a generic "gold malt syrup". You could always use a more generic and cheaper base malt for the AG version and save some money.
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    Cant stablize keezer temps -- driving me CRAZY!!

    Make sure the probe is tape over an area of the keg that contains liquid.
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    Ben's Keezer Build

    Yeah, making it look like furniture is the key. Right now I have what you see in the pictures above sitting in my living room and my girlfriend has been asking me to move it to another room. But she says she can't wait for it to be finished an have it in the living room, assuming it looks as...
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    Ben's Keezer Build

    I haven't been able to work on this for a while now, it's kind of sad. Though I have been enjoying cold beer on tap. I just moved last week to a bigger apartment. I'm now redesigning this to be a larger/wider bar with the built in keezer for beer on tap, but maybe with a refrigeration unit...
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    Ben's Keezer Build

    That's not an issue in my design, because the taps and shanks are not attached to the freezer or collar. I'm building a cabinet, so the taps will be on the back wall of the cabinet and the beer lines will just be feed through the back of the collar, up behind the wall of the cabinet, and then...
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    Can anyone tell me what kind of metal this is made of?

    It looks like lead to me, but it's probably not. Is it soft, does it get nicks easily if you hit it on something?
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    Proper pronunciation in brewing

    That reminds me of the first time I went to Massachusetts, Cape Ann specifically. When the guy who ran the bed and breakfast I stayed at first spoke to me I almost laughed because I guess I didn't realize people spoke that way outside of the movies. I live in NYC now, but I'm from Arkansas...
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    Proper pronunciation in brewing

    So I just looked up most of these terms in a German dictionary and they're spelled very differently than the words we use in English. So I would just pronounce the words as you would using English pronunciations. But I still don't get why "wort" would be pronounced "wert". Maybe it's an...
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    Where should I go in Germany?

    I'm going to be in Germany for a week in the beginning of April. Does anyone have recommendations for good beer related places to go? I'm going to be in Berlin and Munich at least, but I'm thinking about traveling around small towns in Bavaria. I also speak German, so that helps with the...
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    Proper pronunciation in brewing

    As someone who speaks German, I can give you a few tips. The "w" in German is pronounced like the "v" in English. Wort is pronounced in German like the English word "vort," with a long O sound, no "er" sound. Wit, as in Witbier, is "vit". Tun is pronounced like "toon", as in cartoon...
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    All grain setup question

    Definitely go all grain and build a mash lauter tun out of water cooler. Then you'll just have to boil your wort and hot water on the stove. I never did partial mash, but it seems much more complicated without the same results. You can also find pots in all shapes and sizes. My 15 gallon...
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    All grain setup question

    Go with the heat stick. I live in a tiny apartment with one of those smaller sized gas stoves. I have a 15 gallon kettle and I have pushed over 11 gallons of water from 40 degrees to a boil in under an hour using the burners on the stove in addition to the heat stick.