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    Berliner Weiss, many ways

    I just tried a bottle of my first batch which I bottled with some white labs Bret. L. I bottled into 750ml heavy flip top bottles without racking or going to a secondary and enough dextros to get me to 3 atmospheres. Litmus on the beer in glass showed a ph of 3. The beer was tart, acidic, and...
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    Berliner Weiss, many ways

    2a I undertook 2a and I'm on my second batch. The first batch: 5 gallons 2.5 pils 2 wheat 1 acidulated malt no boil pitched 1L lacto Starter @ 110˚f The idea with the acidulated malt screwed up the conversion and I ended up at 1.020 OG. Since this was more experimental than...