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    75% complete Kal Clone electric brewery controls and equip (SEATTLE/TACOMA)

    Man, I wish I lived nearby. That's one hell of a bargain. Looks like you did a real nice job, too. Well, congrats to whoever ends up with it all!
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    Central PA Sanke Kegs - $15 craigslist not MINE

    That's the sort (I had to look it up)! Sorry I hadn't yet posted the pic (long busy day), but it looks like the mystery has been solved.
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    Central PA Sanke Kegs - $15 craigslist not MINE

    I asked the guy for some pics - they're the old-school type, with the central...bung (?) thingy. I'll upload it when I get home, if I can remember... Edit: that wasn't clear. They're old-style kegs, not straight-sided/handled kegs.
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    eBrewSupply - Electric Brewing Hardware Opening Soon

    Crud - I hope you still have coupons - I PM'ed for one, but I guess this is the place to ask. Thanks!
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    Need A Name For My Pilsner

    Well then, just take the next step and call it Philsner. :D I actually like the Prusso-American route better, tho.
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    Philly Beer Week Event at Oakmont National Pub

    It's so lame that I find out about a nearby homebrew store and community via the forum rather than...the phone book? Google? I'm not going to have anything anywhere near ready (coming off almost a year's hiatus), but I'm just over in Springfield, so I'll try to stop by. Good luck!
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    Witbier Blue Balls Belgian Wit (Blue Moon Clone)

    I think I've gone through the thread and haven't seen anything related to this, but apologies if I've missed it: The partial mash directions on page 1/below say to mash the flaked wheat, but as I understand it, flaked wheat has no diastatic power. Are we really just soaking the wheat, or do...
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    Need a recipe for Blanche de Bruxells

    Ed, any luck with your attempt? Just yesterday, I thought about brewing this exact clone, and I'm not having much luck digging up recipes...
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    where to buy stock pots (not online)

    I know you said northern Jersey, but here in (cough)lovely(cough) Wilmington, DE, we've got at least two great restaurant supply stores; I just picked up a 60qt. pot from the restaurant store here (I believe it's called..."The Restaurant Store". If it's not too insane of a drive, stop by this...