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  1. blake74

    Any Beers in India to try

    I had Maha Raja the other night when I went out for Indian food. It was strange tasting it side by side with Kingfisher. The Maha Raja was an Indian pilsner but it had a huge malt character to it, compared with Kingfisher anyway.
  2. blake74

    How many gallons of EdWort's Apfelwein have been made?

    Have my first batch going right now. Just a couple more weeks.... 8407
  3. blake74

    Small world -> UPS driver is a homebrewer!

    You know what I like about my UPS guy? He's a drug dealer, and he doesn't even know it. -Mitch Hedberg
  4. blake74

    Witbier Blue Balls Belgian Wit (Blue Moon Clone)

    I'm planning on brewing BierMuncher's extract version of this brew in the next couple of days, and I've never used flaked wheat before. Does the wheat contain the necessary enzymes to convert starches to fermentables? (I assume it does or you probably wouldn't recommend doing it!) Just wanted to...
  5. blake74

    Commercial Sour Beers

    From the New Belgium Brewery here in Fort Collins they have La Folie, but its a special release and I'm not sure where other than here you can find it. But if you can, its yummy and sour.
  6. blake74

    Recommended (hopefully cheap) kegging setup?

    I recently purchased this kegging kit a month or so ago, and as far as I can tell it is pretty good quality. The keg was clean and sealed well. No problems with the regulator, poppits, or lines. Enjoy kegging....I know I do!
  7. blake74

    Yeast Starters ?????

    I don't have any experience with taste and using starters , but the RIS I have in my primary started fermenting after 2 and a half hours when I used a starter. This was my first time trying it too, and I'm sold.
  8. blake74

    My good find!

    I just picked up 60 brown 16 oz Grolsch bottles for $6 bucks on craigslist, and they are in great condition! Woot! I saw someone selling used grolsch bottles for $2 EACH!:mug:
  9. blake74

    Soon to be kegging question

    I'm finally making the jump from bottling to kegging, and I wanted to see if anyone else had tried this before. I'm kind of cramped for space in my fridge, as I am having to share my food fridge. Is it possible to lay a corny keg horizontally and still dispense beer? I haven't gotten my...