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    No Fermentation After Days Since Pitch

    Thanks for the feedback. I did take a hydrometer reading on Day 1 and Day 3 but both were coming out at 1.052. I'll try contacting the orchard and see about preservatives. After adding some more yeast energizer about 8 hours ago it looks like there is a very small layer of krausen beginning...
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    No Fermentation After Days Since Pitch

    I don't believe so but I don't know for sure. My understanding was that the apples were just pressed and delivered. The juice came from a bulk batch that got delivered to my LHBS and they haven't heard of anyone else having this issue.
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    No Fermentation After Days Since Pitch

    I primarily homebrew beer but have done cider in the past and followed this same routine with different yeast strains and have had no issue. I picked up 5 gallons of unpasturized cider last week and threw in 7 campden tablets (recommended 1-1.5 per gallon). I waited 24 hours then added pectin...