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    Cheap Copper at Home Depot

    Holy crap! Thanks guys for posting this. I got 60' of 5/8 and 60' of1/2 for $74!
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    Troubled tripel

    Thanks for the excellent replies. I've moved the fermenter to a warmer part of the house. May have to put a heater in that area to get it near 80. I'll keep you posted on how things develop.
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    Troubled tripel

    So, my second all grain attempt I decided that I'd do a simple tripel. I went to my local brewery and picked up 14 lbs of German pilsner, 2 lbs of carapils and I added 3 lbs of invert sugar ( boiled sugar with some lemon juice for 20 mins.) They also gave me .5 liters of belgian tripel yeast...
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    Southern Tier Pumking Clone??

    This is my first post and first all grain attempt! I had my first imperial pumpking ale a couple of weeks ago and had to give this a go. After having sacrificed one of my sail boat's party coolers to make a mash tun that is. I used a recipe from eubrew on page three of this thread and made a...