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  1. BillTheSlink

    Please VOTE I need your input

    I've never had skeeter pee, but Apfelwein is the bomb especially aged.
  2. BillTheSlink

    1st fruit wine "Hand Pressing"?? And products I can't find from a book

    Now see, this is why wine is more suited to me, aging time-tables. I have been accused of aging my beers too long to be a rational guy. I have an Abby ale I am going to bottle soon that's been in a carboy under inert wine preserving gas from Midwest Supply for two and 1/2 years. I tasted it...
  3. BillTheSlink

    1st fruit wine "Hand Pressing"?? And products I can't find from a book

    OK, at what point do you do this? When first putting your peaches in, after the day of rest on the Campton tablet, or after primary fermentation has completed and if this is the case how then would you get a starting SG? Sorry to ask so many questions, but like when I started out with beer I...
  4. BillTheSlink

    1st fruit wine "Hand Pressing"?? And products I can't find from a book

    I need to make the transition from beer brewing to small-scale fruit wine making due to health concerns that don't enable me to lug and tug all that hot water around. I was thinking of starting out with Peach Vintner's Harvest Fruit Bases but a site I was reading said it needed to be pressed...
  5. BillTheSlink

    Did I ruin my chiller??

    That's right! I was worried about CLR being toxic but it's used to clean coffee makers. Perfect. I might try the vinegar and salt thing first though. I think you use CLR straight and it would be cheaper to use vinegar. Back in the 90's I worked in a hardware store and if now were then I...
  6. BillTheSlink

    Did I ruin my chiller??

    I have to admit it guys I have screwed up. I am disabled and cannot clean up the same day I brew. But last time I brewed was last year or the spring. After brew day was over I put everything to soak and left it. Then I got a blood clot and then my attention turned to making small batches of...
  7. BillTheSlink

    White spots on top of beer in secondary?

    How long was the beer in primary? If it was a short primary and you racked over too quickly I could say "possible" yeast clumps. If it was in primary three weeks then something is likely wrong.
  8. BillTheSlink

    Faux Lager with Canadian accent??

    Thanks guys. I will try this Moosehead Mini-mash clone I have with Kolsch yeast and see what happens.
  9. BillTheSlink

    Faux Lager with Canadian accent??

    Even though I have a low tech lagering setup I still don't think I am ready to do a lager yet. My latest issue of the Northern Brewer catalog says you can use a clean ale yeast fermented on the low temp end like Wyeast 1056, 2112, or White Labs 001. Would you guys say these do give you a lager...
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    Do you let IPA's breathe before drinking??

    Now I could do with piney. It is all I can do not to drink the Pinesol when the floor is being mopped. And yes I mean that. Any suggestions on what to try?
  11. BillTheSlink

    Do you let IPA's breathe before drinking??

    I had never tasted an IPA until yesterday. Where I live they don't sell single bottles and I usually don't go to bars, so I didn't want to risk investing in a six-pack at the prices the locals charge due to our punitive pricing laws. Anyway since a Biggs opened up they got a permit to sell...
  12. BillTheSlink

    Planning a "Big Brut" OG 1.114

    It is on the agenda for next Monday. This Friday I am doing the AK47 Pale Mild. I have never tasted a Pale Mild, nor do I believe I have seen one for sale. Did you do your's as an all grain or extract? These two will be my first extracts in two years and first ever partial boils.
  13. BillTheSlink

    Do all high gravity ales smell this way out of primary

    I honestly don't know yet. I but it in a class 5 gallon carboy this summer and haven't bottled it yet. At the time of transfer it was still knoick your socks off strong, but not as bad. To be honest I think I over spiced it and that was a large part of the problem. I plan to serve it next...
  14. BillTheSlink

    Questions on partial mash brewing

    Thanks guys. I am actually going to do my extracts indoors for the first time ever too. Right from the start I started outdoors with full boils on a torch type burner. This will be a new experience for me all together. I hope it doesn't get really messy. I am a bit of a slob too, but with...
  15. BillTheSlink

    sparging poll

    Batch sparge all the way here. My first couple were done via fly sparge, but it was such a pain I just use the same 10 gallon round Igloo for batch sparging. I have had just enough room to do a heavy barley wine at 5 gallons in it.