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    What kind of Mash temp thermometer?

    I use a Traceable Water-Proof Thermometer. After killing my digital kitchen thermometer just from heavy steam contact I decided I wanted to definately go water-proof. It's nice knowing I don't have to worry about getting it wet.
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    Exploding growlers

    You can use a big vac that way with good result. I used to clean carpets that way until I purchased a carpet extractor. The only downside to the wet/dry vac method is the carpets will be slightly more damp and it's hard to rinse the soap out completely. The hardest thing is cleaning in those...
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    Brewing Gods V. Peers

    For me it's the collective knowledge of the brewing community from HBT, to brew shop owners, brew club members, brewing friends, books, radio, etc. I'll take any and all advice.
  4. Bigsnake

    Exploding growlers

    As a former mobile detailer, what a terrible mess. I wouldn't want to tackle that job without a wet/dry vac to get the glass and a carpet extractor to shampoo and suck the beer out.
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    Environmental Impact of Homebrewing

    I don't think homebrewing is that bad in the first place. The two worst things we do would be using propane and wasting water. Saving water can be easily done by changing your cleaning methods and recirculating your chilling water. I'd also say "yeast farts" are carbon neutral. The carbon...
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    Continuing to carb in bottles? v. bottle explosion

    No honey or added sugars in this batch. It was all-grain. I just find it strange that it took so long for it to get to this point of exploding. I also don't think it was over primed as I used one of the 4.5 oz packets of priming sugar from AHS.
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    Continuing to carb in bottles? v. bottle explosion

    I just was going through my beer stash yesterday and realized I had a couple bottles explode! These are brews that were bottled roughly 4.5 Months ago and have been fine up to now. I found all of them were the same batch (A steam beer). I found the rest of that batch and when I opened them they...
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    fermentation at higher temps?

    wow, low 80s!! I don't know if I could handle that, I keep my place around 72. We have lots of humidity though. Even with Dehumidifier running around the clock and the A/C on, I'll see a humidity inside peak around 60 to 65%. Low is around 50% and I only see that in early morning. Once we're...
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    fermentation at higher temps?

    I'm in Southern Louisiana; it isn't much better over here. I've tried the swamp cooler but hated having to constantly change the frozen bottles and it loaded my house with humidity from having all that water sitting in a tub. I stopped because I hated coming in from outside and feeling like I...
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    College Students and Beer Head.

    Just have to slowly educate your friends. I've seen some of mine come around. Even out of college you'll encounter people who don't get homebrewing. You'll also encounter many more who think it's awesome. Out of school you're with a group of people who are making money, can't drink every night...
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    5 Weeks in Primary?

    What flavor does Autolysis add to the beer? I wouldn't even know :o
  12. Bigsnake

    5 Weeks in Primary?

    I've done 5 before with no problems.
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    A HOT NEW Better Bottle Question!

    Better Bottle says the upper temp limit of their bottles are 60ºC (140ºF), so it looks like you need to find a new method of transport. I'd be careful with glass though and adding hot fluid without heating it up first. Don't want it to explode on the ride home... Actually, don't want to it...
  14. Bigsnake

    My first batch is bubbling away!

    Congrats on your first brew! The brewing is the easy part, it's the waiting game on the first batch that is the hardest part.
  15. Bigsnake

    My shot at yeast washing

    I've heard different things about how many generations past start to save. Some say 8 and some say 10. I've got I think three strains saved right now. I almost need to get another fridge to store them in though if I want to get more. :p. But, you're right, the effort is worth it for savings...