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    2 keggels, 3&5 gallon corny's-SE PA

    I am looking to downsize from 10+gallon batches and looking to sell 2 keggles, both have tops cut. 1 has stainless 1/2" ball valve from Northern Brewer. Other has not been drilled. Looking to get $150 for both. Would consider trade for 8gal SS brewpot. Have too many corny's...would like to...
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    WTB: 2.5G or 3G Ball Lock Corny

    check your pm...
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    Custom Wire Basket

    If you can make a square one for around $40 I am in. I priced up a 8"x8"x12' rectangle with #20 mesh and it was $105...not going to happen.
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    kickin around idea for my next brew.

    The smoked malt might add a nice touch but it will not add fullness. You can increase your mash temp, btw what was your mash temp? Or you can add some wheat or a dextrine malt like carapils. You may also be wanting more of a porter than a brown ale. If that is the case I have a smoked porter...
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    Fellow Brewers advice needed

    I had a similar problem with S-04 last fall. My stout never got below 1.029 when it should have been down in the 1.015-1.020 range. I tried pitching S-05 on top but it had little effect. I will not use S-04 ever again. There have been so many problems from recalls to underattenuation that it is...
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    pig roast and only a month, what to do?

    You should be able to do most any low abv ibu ale. Even an english pale ale with good bready character and bit of hops would go well. Make sure you get a good healthy starter going to get your beer fermenting asap. Also pick a yeast that is aggressive and neutral in profile.
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    10 gallon batches and marriage

    For me 10 gallons makes so much more sense when brewing opportunities are limited (wife and 2 kids). I would suggest doing 10 gal batches, and if you need variety use 2 different yeasts or dry hop 1 and not the other. You could even lager one of them. I am guessing you are fermenting in 5 gal...
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    Gaggle of kegs for trade/sale (Philly area)

    Thanks Dozer. Exactly what I needed to see.
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    Gaggle of kegs for trade/sale (Philly area)

    So I am guessing that they will not 'sit', without being anchored in some way? Anyway I could get a pic with the bottom off. Sorry to be a PITA but I have a rigged up brew stand and need to know if I can adapt the keg. Thanks!
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    Gaggle of kegs for trade/sale (Philly area)

    I might be interested but, can you get the rubber tops and bottoms off to use the 15gal as keggels?
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    95% Efficiency, Need Help!

    If there is 10 gallons that makes it into the fermenters and still 1 gallon left in the kettle don't I still need to account for that volume lost in the kettle? I am of the understanding that you should be shooting for efficiencies in the range of 75%-80%. Thought it had something to do with...
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    95% Efficiency, Need Help!

    The flow was great! By sparging less won't I still be extracting higher gravity wort as the first runnings are of a higher concentration? Beertools was suggesting sparging with 12 gallons. I knew this was too much and used more like 10 gallons. I will try Kaiser's spreadsheet later. BTW I...
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    95% Efficiency, Need Help!

    My measurements are not 100% accurate but I was able to get 5gal in 2 fermenters with atleast one gallon lost to hops and the kettle. So I am fairly certain that the volume at the end of the boil was 11+ gal. Beertools was showing me the 95% efficiency. So even if my efficiency was 88% I still...
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    95% Efficiency, Need Help!

    By finishing volume do you mean post boil or the amount I was able to get into the fermenters? Post boil was close to 11.5 gal I would say. Looked like I lost about a gallon to the hops and cold break.