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    California Looking for used Corny Kegs in the Los Angeles area

    Find a list of Home brew clubs and join them. Lot of people getting out of the hobby only post on their clubs websites
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    What beer/homebrew blogs/magazines do you read?

    I like James Spenser Basic Brew stuff
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    iSpindle - DIY Electronic Hydrometer

    Is there a link for this board?
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    Grainfather and GF Water Heater for sale - $750

    Where are you located?I'll grab it if you're local
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    Random Picture Thread

    First On Race Day
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    Random Picture Thread

    No corner piece
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    muh's Fermentrack\BrewPi Remix Build

    You guys should look at Fritzing
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    Fermentrack: Fermentation monitoring & BrewPi-www Replacement for Raspberry Pi

    I thought the Float was a DIY project- I guess I was wrong
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    Flite - Keg Level, Temperature, and Pressure Sensor

    I was asked about the safety of beer coming in contact with the 3d printed filament sensor box. Is the box coated in food-safe epoxy?
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    Random Picture Thread

    I'm about 200 miles away and just saw the vapor trail cutting across the sky. The last time they did a night launch I had a good view.
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    Brewsbysmith STC 1000