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    • bigboogieman
      bigboogieman reacted to FloppyKnockers's post in the thread I found this on Amazon with Haha Haha.
      My favorite part is the description. I guess it would be funny to keep a chicken or little dog cool in hot summer within 20 minutes.
    • bigboogieman
      bigboogieman reacted to WortMonger's post in the thread Chillzer with Like Like.
      Ok, short pre-story... chest freezer/fermentation chamber compressor died and my garage door also broke. I couldn't get it out the house...
    • bigboogieman
      bigboogieman replied to the thread How to Properly Dry Hop.
      I just did a variation of this - the hops were in a large nylon bag. I put magnets in both ends and mounted the bag horizontally, so 4...
    • bigboogieman
      bigboogieman reacted to Protos's post in the thread Easter Beer? with Like Like.
      After the Easter Sunday Mass, when there's the blessing of food for the First Meal of Easter, I put forward a single bottle of my...
    • bigboogieman
      bigboogieman reacted to hotbeer's post in the thread What to do...... with Like Like.
      I always took "whirlpool" additions as meaning that you add them at the time when you might otherwise be whirlpooling. So after the...
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