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  1. bhambrew

    6 Tap Keezer Build (Insignia 10.2 cu. ft.)

    Just gotta say...wow, well done sir! I'm a geek for the little details, and the beer lines neatly organized around the collar is a nice touch. Custom mount for the fan, check; mount for the C02, check; color coded beer lines, check. I would love to see a pic of the inside of this thing with six...
  2. bhambrew

    Multiple test batches split from one base mash?

    Thanks, I have been searching, but so far have only come up with threads where guys are splitting different boils/hops or fermenters/yeast. I'll keep looking.
  3. bhambrew

    Multiple test batches split from one base mash?

    Never thought of that angle, not a bad idea. You are suggesting one big base mash, and four mini-mashes which include a small amount of the base malt (for conversion)? That way I can mash out the big base mash, then combine with the smaller speciality mashes. Seems like that would work.
  4. bhambrew

    Multiple test batches split from one base mash?

    Greetings all, I'm looking to get some input regarding doing some smaller size experimental batches. I've been brewing AG for about 8 years, and currently use a three-vessel HERMS system to make 10 gallon batches. Lately I've wanted to experiment with fine-tuning new recipes using smaller...
  5. bhambrew

    RIMS or HERMS: Understanding Mashing Equipment

    Actually, that's exactly how I have always done it. My system is a direct-fire, single-tier rig with burners under the Boil Kettle and HLT, and bottom-drain Mash Tun (in fact, that's my setup pictured on the article page). I have my HERMS coil inside my HLT, and I keep the HLT temperature around...
  6. bhambrew

    No Tricks Just Treats Halloween Inkbird Giveaway~

    Happy Halloween!
  7. bhambrew

    Ss Brewtech’s Biggest Baddest Holiday Giveaway Ever!

    Yes! Thank you Ss Brewtech!
  8. bhambrew

    Keg Connection New Inline Flow Control Valve Giveaway

    Thanks for the giveaway!
  9. bhambrew

    Budweiser Admits Craft Beer is for Real

    @sudbuddy this forum is about beer & brewing. I applaud the effort of those who take the time to submit articles and engage the members. Many articles include photos, video, and in this case a bit of research. We are not professional journalists, we are homebrewers. Austin volunteers to...
  10. bhambrew

    Is a 58 litre sanke too big for pressurized 10 gallon batches?

    Sounds like a good plan, I'd like to see some photos of the setup when you have it all together!
  11. bhambrew

    Is a 58 litre sanke too big for pressurized 10 gallon batches?

    About a year ago I switched from glass carboys to using 1/2 bbl (15 gal) Sanke kegs for primary fermentation, and I absolutely LOVE IT. I brew ~10 gallon batches, and usually end up with about 11 gallons +/- in the keg when I pitch the yeast. I have not tried the "pressurized" fermentation...
  12. bhambrew

    My HERMS with 'bottom drain' MLT

    Bd2xu I had the same thing happen to me, which is why I decided to go with the HERMS system. Compared to the Direct-Fire MLT, I think the HERMS is superior in ease of operation, and control, hands down. With regards to operation, the HERMS is very simple. The first thing I do on brew day...
  13. bhambrew

    My HERMS with 'bottom drain' MLT

    Yes, I think that with an electric system there is no reason that you couldn't have a bottom drain on each of your kettles, and that would be awesome in my opinion! The Tri-Clamp for the Sankey neck is 2", and works especially well with a special silicone gasket sold by Brewer's Hardware...