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    Sold Blichmann Hop Blocker $25

    Looks like it would be around $15 to ship (+/- a little bit depending on the box size and packing)
  2. bgs8884

    Pennsylvania Chugger Pump Box

    Thank you. It works great and keeps the pump dry, portable and gives me an outlet for a radio!
  3. bgs8884

    Sold Blichmann Hop Blocker $25

    whoops, sorry - asking $25
  4. bgs8884

    Sold Fermotemp Electric Fermentation Carboy Heater - $10

    Take control of your fermentation with the FermoTemp® electric heater. To consistently create your favorite beer or wine you'll need precise control of your fermentation temperature. Attach the FermoTemp to a fermenter to raise the temperature of fermenting beer or wine. The FermoTemp attaches...
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    Sold Blichmann Hop Blocker $25

    barely used blichmann hop blocker. prefer local pickup in yardley pa 19067, but would ship at buyers expense.
  6. bgs8884

    Sold immersion chiller

    copper immersion wort chiller, asking $20 local pickup in yardley pa 19067
  7. bgs8884

    Sold Barley Crusher - 7lb grain mill

    7lb Barley Crusher grain mill for sale Local Pickup in Yardley PA 19067 $50
  8. bgs8884

    Sold Better Bottle and Big Mouth Bubblers

    (2) Big Mouth Bubblers = $10ea (1) Better Bottle = $10ea (1) Glass Carboy = $5ea local pickup only in Yardley PA 19067
  9. bgs8884

    Sold Erlenmeyer Flasks, Stir Starter

    500mL Flask = $5 2L Flask = $10 2L Stir Starter = $15 Assorted rubber and foam stoppers = $10 for all of them Local Pickup only Yardley PA 19067
  10. bgs8884

    Pennsylvania Chugger Pump Box

    Selling my chugger pump box. Has a chugger pump mounted inside of the tool box, switch on the outside controls the pump and has a built-in GFCI convenience outlet on the box. comes with a hard wired extension cord that is built-in to the box Asking 100 Local pickup only in Yardley PA 19067.
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    Pennsylvania 15G Blichmann Boilermaker kettle with recirculation

    Selling my 15G Blichmann Boilermaker. Still in great shape and works fine. It has a recirculation port that I installed on the side. $150 Local Pickup only in Yardley PA 19067
  12. bgs8884

    Pennsylvania Carboys for Sale

    (1) 6.5 Gallon big mouth bubblers - $25 (1) plastic 5 gallon carboy - $15 (1) glass 5 gallon carboy - $15 Pickup in Yardley, PA. Contactless pickup to keep everyone safe. Venmo ahead of time and I’ll leave the carboys out side for you to pickup. happy to take more photos of the equipment ahead...
  13. bgs8884

    5g corny keg for sale

    Selling (1) 5g ball lock corny keg. Asking 20$. Located in Bucks County PA. The keg is in good shape, i just have too many and looking to scale back a bit.
  14. bgs8884

    Pennsylvania Kegerator For Free

    this is no longer available.
  15. bgs8884

    Pennsylvania Kegerator For Free

    Free refrigerator that was converted to a kegerator. Side of refrigerator has 3 holes drilled for 3 taps [taps and kegertor hardware not included]. the refrigerator still works fine. inside of fridge has a stainless steel shelf designed to support the weight of a keg. I converted over a new...