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    Iowa Keggle w/ball valve and pickup tube for sale/trade

    I've got a keggle with a weldless ball valve and a pickup tube. Works great, just wanting to go back to a kettle. So looking for *checks amazon prices* $68.59, or straight up trade for a 10gal or larger SS Kettle. Local only, shipping is the worst, eastern iowa.
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    Cloudy Cider (not the question you're thinking of)

    So... the server at a local brewery had this wild idea to make a beer that glitters, because she saw it online. The brewer just kept making fun of her, as he should. I told her I'd help, but only if it were a cider, to save all the time and hassle of a real mash. From what I can tell...
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    Iowa March 815 Stainless Steel Pump + Random Camlock Fittings

    Dropping the price on the pump, 100+actual shipping. Any takers?
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    Iowa March 815 Stainless Steel Pump + Random Camlock Fittings

    Camlocks are sold, will listen to offers on the pump
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    Iowa March 815 Stainless Steel Pump + Random Camlock Fittings

    March 815 SS Pump, used about a half dozen times. Right now it's got a valve + barb on one end and a camlock on the other, but if you want both ends camlocked that's fine by me. - $125 + shipping Some Camlocks/fittings - Stainless Steel 1/2" Male camlock x 1/2" male NPT - Style F x 2 (3 if...
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    Virginia FS: 95% Complete eHERMS System

    I can't afford this, but I just wanted to say damn, that is some sexy wiring.
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    Best for mini conversions?

    So at my kid's 1yrold birthday yesterday I accidentally pierced a line and my previous danby 4.4 is headed to the scrap heap. Is there a new "best mini fridge" recommendation? In a perfect world it would fit two pin locks and a 5lb tank, but beggars can't be choosers... Need to have the new...
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    Iowa Parts for DIY RIMS tube

    Sold, thanks. I'll try and figure out how lock this
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    Iowa Parts for DIY RIMS tube

    Sale pending
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    Iowa New 1BBl Electric Brewery

    I passed this link on to someone who might be interested. Good luck, it's a beauty.
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    Iowa Parts for DIY RIMS tube

    Any takers at $50? Just want to get this thing moving.
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    Iowa Parts for DIY RIMS tube

    I've got the parts for a 120v 1-1/2" SS RIMS tube. I put it together, ran water through it, never got around to re-wrapping one of the threads, and never used it. Gathering dust in the garage, figure I should sell it off. I have: 1x - 8" SS Pipe 3x - 1-1/2" NPT Male to 1/2" NPT Female...
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    Passive cooling for PVC draft tower

    This still working well? Downsizing to a tower, had built a PVC pipe, and this looks a lot nicer than other solutions I'd looked into.
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    Dave's Carmel Apple Cider

    Hmm, thanks for the heads up. I may drop the dextrose entirely, so as not to make an 8% cider on accident. Juice + yeast/nutrient, drop the campden in with the syrup, cold carb, and taste. If too dry, add a can of AJC. Sounds like a plan, thanks. Glad someone else went for a more dry...