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    Oxiclean dishwasher detergent

    Sorry wrong forum, I shouldn't post from my phone!
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    Oxiclean dishwasher detergent

    Anyone try this for cleaning brewery equipment? I've got access to tons for free, thinking it would work great in my sump pump keg cleaner and cleaning my brew kettle. Can't find much on it, so thought I'd ask!
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    Is the Brewtroller Dead?

    A buddy of mine is running it now, which is good for me since I'm rocking a natural gas Brewtroller system!
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    Fermostat by Ohmbrew - review

    You can probably attach those heat pads to the lower sides of the freezer and not have to replace them with every batch. I've had some cornies in an upright freezer in my uninsulated garage and it works perfectly, summer and winter.
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    Oldest smackpack used? Wyeast

    I've smacked 2 year old packs and made great beer with them. Just takes a couple days to swell, then of course I always made a starter.
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    Wyeast 3203 - PC de Bom Sour Blend impressions

    Look around online, I'm sure you can find a shop that still has some in stock.
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    Wyeast 3203 - PC de Bom Sour Blend impressions

    I bought an stc-1000 on Amazon for about $15 and wired it up with parts I had around the garage in about 20 minutes. Working like a charm. I built underneath my workbench an enclosure using that thick pink foam sheeting and in my partially heated garage it's holding temps at wherever I...
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    Wyeast 3203 - PC de Bom Sour Blend impressions

    Use a simple timer for holiday lights to have it on an hour or two, then off and hour, etc..
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    potassium metabisulfite in mash

    Any chance that toasting the coconut would help for the flame out addition?
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    potassium metabisulfite in mash

    So, I scored this free 25lb bag of Desiccated Coconut and would like to use it to make a coconut bomb imperial stout. The ingredients are just Coconut and potassium metabisulfite. I've brewed with lots of coconut, but always fresh and never in the mash just at flame out and secondary. If I...
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    2 year old first sour. Attempt to save or dump?

    Agree to fruit it, if there's no defects. Regarding pitching something new on it, I personally only do this with batches km happy with.
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    Wyeast 3203 - PC de Bom Sour Blend impressions

    I brewed a blackberry sour with de bom about 3 months ago, just kegged half of it this weekend. Seriously, one of the best sours I've tried, and a friend ranks it #2 of everything he's tried. Overall, I love it, every quality I was hoping for in a sour, and ready very quickly! V2 was...
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    Looking to clone Not Your Father's Root Beer (Small Town Brewery)

    Kidagora have a recipe to share? Regarding tap lines, just buy another piece of tubing, it's not that expensive and it's good to replace them periodically anyway.
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    American IPA Dogfish Head 60 Minute Clone (AG) & Extract

    Thanks for the reply, I'm going to be making it all grain using pacman yeast.