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    So who's brewing this weekend?

    Brewed a Hefe on Monday and brewed an Special Bitter today.
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    Today's recipe!

    Yoop, What Lipase did you use? I have calf lipase (which is recommended for feta) or kid lipase which is recommended by the person who wrote up that recipe. I don't know which one to choose.
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    Guinness, yechhhhhh!!!!

    I still enjoy Guinness in the states. I'm just saying that it tastes more like homebrew in Ireland.
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    Guinness, yechhhhhh!!!!

    They may say Guinness is Guinness,but if you never had a pint poured in Dublin then you never had true Guinness stout.
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    Faucets directly connected to kegs

    yeah, I wasn't gonna keep the gas-in line connected. I was just gonna attach them to an already charged keg. It's mostly so I can pull pints from kegs in queue while waiting for space to free up in the kegerator.
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    Faucets directly connected to kegs

    Awesome. Thanks for the sarcasm. No need to be a ******. I did google it. I guess I didn't have the right combination of words to get that result. I kept getting faucets and clamps and shanks and disconnects as separate pieces. Mostly I'm interested if it's possible to DIY? Thanks...
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    Faucets directly connected to kegs

    Anyone know where I can get attachments to connect my faucets directly to the liquid out connect or know what's needed to DIY this?
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    Wine from fresh juice

    This is a total newb question. I've only just started making wine and have been taking baby steps. I would totally get whole grapes and do it that way but I was under the impression I needed a press to do this. How does one, efficiently, get the juice out of grapes without a press?
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    VA group bulk grain buy

    ut oh. I didn't know I had to specify yet. I definitely don't want 2-row. 1x TF-GPRM (Golden Promise) 1x BZ-WHT (Wheat Malt) 2x BZ-PILZ (Pilsen) 1x BZ-VIEN (Vienna) I got $169.15. Let me know if that's right. We get the 2,000# price since 42 bags hits that range, correct?
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    VA group bulk grain buy

    Actually, I'm in for 5 bags instead of 4
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    VA group bulk grain buy

    I'm in for 4 bags. Peter
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    Ireland Next Week

    Thanks for all the great info. And thanks for the tip on the black label Jameson.
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    Ireland Next Week

    I'm sure it's been asked many times before... Im headed to Dublin, Cork, Galway, and Cong next week and plan to go to Bull and Castle, Porterhouse, Guinness, and Jamison. Is there any other beer places I "need" to go to while there? Also, is there any must have bottles of Whisky...
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    2009 Christmas present thread

    Got a bunch of hops. 12oz. Simcoe 4oz. Northern Brewer 2oz. Pacific Gem 2oz. Sorachi Ace 6oz. Citra
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    cutting rhizomes

    It might be really easy and I might be overly worried about doing it, but I haven't been able to find anything illustrating or instructing on how to clip some rhizomes. What and where do I cut from the rootballs?