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    California 15G Jacketed Brewers Hardware Conical

    Selling my Brewers Hardware Conical. I am in the Placerville CA, and unfortunately have no time to ship this thing. Would have to be local. Here is a link to the craigslist ad. Asking $1100.
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    Does mash acidity determine final beer acidity?

    I like a slightly brighter finish and how acid helps to reduce perceive sweetness. Winemakers do this all the time, they use organic acids to cut residual sweetness in wine. I was always struggling to get that slightly bright citrus cleanliness in the back of some of my hoppier beers. Dropping...
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    Does mash acidity determine final beer acidity?

    Yes and no.... Like Martin said, it is the yeast that determines final pH. But if you get to know your yeast, you can make an educated guess of the final pH based on pre-fermentation numbers (more so than mash pH numbers). My house strain is WLP007. I find about a .7 pH reduction through...
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    Finings to Kegged and carbonated beer

    There is no issue with that at all. However, it would be easier to just fine it, pull off a murky pint, then drink. No need to transfer to another keg as long as you dont disturb the fined one.... Carbonation has no effect on fining in my experience.
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    how to reduce Hefe flavor in Saison?

    Looking for others experience or success in limiting the Hefeweizen like esters in a Saison. Have brewed two back to back batches of Saison that while both very nice and style appropriate, they had too much of the bubblegum profile for my personal taste. The brew was: 12 gallon Batch 68%...
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    DeBrewer's Home Brewery

    Really curious how the chest freezer works out. Thinking about doing the same thing soon for my Brewers hardware jacketed conical. Keep us updated.
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    Brewers Hardware vs. Stout conical questions

    No problem. As far as the carb stone, you could always put an elbow, sight glass/union, and T/C stone at the bottom (providing you dropped all the yeast out) and carb from there. I've done that before on larger tanks.
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    Brewers Hardware vs. Stout conical questions

    I have put 4 batches through it now. Cleaning has not been an issue. I have been putting a 2 gallon bucket under it and cleaning by hand. The large T/C lid makes that easy. It hold temp very well, and I have no problem at 10psi. I havent needed to take it to 15psi, but dont foresee an issue...
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    Filter or not filter

    I agree with others are saying. I have a 5 plate Marcon filter from days long gone that I occasionally use. I like having the ability to filter, however it is a pain. You have to have a clean, purged keg to filter into. You need to have a very cold keg and a purged system. With a plate...
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    Does nobody use a grant?

    I won't brew without it. It just helps keep my brew day consistent. I don't have time for run off issues. A grant alone won't necessarily prevent stuck mashes though. I have had plenty of run off issues with a grant due to grain types and crush issues. It is common in some breweries to...
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    crankenstien 3D issues... please help.....

    Are you sure that your drill has enough torque? I have the same mill and I cant run it with my corded drill but with my makita with plenty of torque it is no problem. it just sticks with my corded drill.
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    I regularly turn Jamil's mild around in 14 days.
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    Mash tun as hop back

    Depends on how exactly you use it. If you are running it at partial capacity in line on the way to the chiller then I dont see why it wouldnt work. I spent quite a few years at a brewery where we used a massive hop strainer as a hopback. It was essentially a lauter tun. I know of quite a few...
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    Brewers Hardware vs. Stout conical questions

    I will post a few more thoughts about my brewers hardware conical soon. Just kegged my smoked (briess cherry wood smoked malt) schwartz beer from it. Was a breeze.