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    Question about a bretted saison.

    Cool, thanks for the advise.
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    Question about a bretted saison.

    I brewed a batch of french saison using the Wyeast 3711 French Saison strain, which attenuated the wort down to 1.004 gravity. I then pitched a starter I made with the dregs of a Boulevard Saison-Brett, which has since attenuated the batch to 1.000. I have only been ageing this beer for 2...
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    For the Love of Hops, by Stan Hieronymus

    I got this book for Christmas and I love it. However something the author says in the beginning of the second chapter had me thinking. The author, talking about misinformation and legend related to hops, states "A variety of colorful stories provide a deeper understanding of how important hops...
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    Fermenting Siason temp

    Traditionally speaking Saisons were fermented at pretty high temps. They don't call it "Farmhouse Ale" for no reason. I have only used the Wyeast Belgian Saison blend, yes it is a little high maintenance but it will certainly get the job done...and makes a GREAT tasting saison, last time I used...
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    First Time Parti Gyle

    Attempting my first parti gyle process today in the middle of brewing a Dunkelweizen which I will make out of my first running (Steeping my darker grains in a brew kettle while I mash out my base grains) and then I will be making a Berliner Weiss from my second running of base malt
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    carbing after year in the secondary

    No, if your beer is as acidic as it should be all your yeast is probably will need to put more yeast in when you prime it...even then CO2 production is probably going to be slow due to the PH.
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    Sanitizing mash tun for berliner weisse

    LoL If you don't mind my asking what were the flavors? Did it just have a bunch of acetobacter in it or was it something even more malevolent than that? I do have some soured oak beans (about 2 oz. worth) I might be able to use to inoculate...or I could just make a lacto starter with a...
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    Sanitizing mash tun for berliner weisse

    A berliner weisse does not get boiled the same as normal clean beer does, hence I will have to rely on a very clean mash tun to make sure I only get a lactobacillus infection...I don't really want any acetobacter and since there are parts that may be affected by the chemicals (the polystyrene)...
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    Sanitizing mash tun for berliner weisse

    I am planning on doing a berliner weisse when the temperature starts cooling off. I am planning on using a partial runoff decoction boil, but not a full wort boil. My question is will One-Step or Easy Clean be good enough to sanitize my cooler? Or should I PBW the thing? I keep it clean...
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    Evil Twin Soft Dookie or Yin Clone

    Anybody know a good all grain recipe for either "Soft DK" or Evil Twin Yin...If you would be willing to share it would be very greatly appreciated!!