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    Party Pig Alternative

    Thank you very much. I’m seeing these options now.
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    Party Pig Alternative

    Thank you for your well thought out reply. Yes. I have seen and heard of Kegs. However you need a refrigerator and CO2. And last I looked, you cannot carry around a Keg as you can with the Party Pig. But, thank you for the reply.
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    Party Pig Alternative

    I hear that the Part Pig is being Discontinued. Im just getting back in the hobby.... is there an alternative out there?
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    What are you drinking now?

    Dragons Milk Its a high alcohol beer (10%) which I did not see when I bought it. I don't like it much as it's hard for me to enjoy a beer with that much alcohol. I was trying to get a sweet stout actually. Anyone know of a sweet stout that is good?
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    raspberry wheat recipe - what do you think

    What size secondary do you have? I've brewed something like this before and you will have a secondary fermentation so just make sure it's big enough for it. Sounds good though and I second the rice hulls.
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    I am thinking of doing a 3 gal batch and was thinking I can just boil the whole thing in a 5 gal brewpot. What is the difference in brewing 3 gals or a portion of 3 gals and adding water?
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    Recommendations for 1st extract brew

    Have you looked at "Brew Your Own" magazine? There is a bunch of Winter brews in the Dec issue that you might like. Directions do not look that hard and remember you got us here to walk you through it. Just my thought :)
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    I Forgot How Much of A PIA it was...

    I'm gonna ask a real stupid question here but why not brew inside when it's cold out there like that?
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    Cherry Wheat

    Looking for a good Cherry Wheat recipe. I'm attempting to compile one of my own but am wondering about the cherries. The last time I used a cherry extract it was a very long time ago and you could barely taste the cherry. It was more like a straight wheat. I also want to brew one with a...
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    The whole kit and kabultal

    I was just doing a little math in my head to make sure I was coming up with the same numbers. Catalog I have is a bit old so these numbers could be a bit low to how much you can get it for now. 6 gal carboy. 22 5 gal carboy 20 3 gal carboy 17 3 gal plastic 15 10 gal igloo cooler 40...
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    The whole kit and kabultal

    Have them with me. Send me your email.
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    The whole kit and kabultal

    Yeah that's why Ishot a bunch of pictues. I figure ill talk to the buyer on the phone. To catalog 8 years of brewing supplies. Man.
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    The whole kit and kabultal

    It is with a very heavy heart that I write this. I wish I did not have to but love ones and doctors tell me its time. This sale is for a 'newbe'. Someone who just wants to start brewing NOW. It is an entire setup. I was in everything execpt kegging. It contains everything from...
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    5 Gal RubberMaid Mash/Tun

    Yup. Nothing fancy really. Just works.