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    Munton's Light American Lager

    Start slow and you can work them up to real beer.
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    DIshwasher sanitizing

    Thanks for the help
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    DIshwasher sanitizing

    I came looking for the same answer. Any thoughts?
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    Unfiltered juice rules

    I'm sure you could filter it. If it was me I'd just drink it and get a new batch going.:)
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    Unfiltered juice rules

    Good to hear it. I have a batch of apfelwein I made two weeks ago with the same Mott's.
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    I'm having problems

    I had that same thing happen to me. In the spring everthing was coming out good. Summer came and my programable thermostat on my house would let it get up to 80 during the days. I had a bad batch with the same symptoms. Now I have a freezer with a temp control in the garage and back to good beer.
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    Stoppers pushing out

    You're right. The universals slip also. What about the orange caps?
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    Stoppers pushing out

    I thought about it..........seemed like I shouldn't touch something I just sanitized.
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    Stoppers pushing out

    Cool Thanks for the help
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    Stoppers pushing out

    New guy question I am having problems getting the stopper to seat and stay put. I am using starsan and when I push the stopper in it will immedietly push itself back up. everything is too slick. One batch that I had trouble with pushed the stopper out over night. I have been leaving...
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    GaP experiment. first time flop

    +1 I was thinking the same thing.
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    Anyone drink the vodka in the airlock?

    I was hoping I heard the last of that song:)
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    Need to work on summer brewing

    I found mine at a home depot scratch and dent. I am really glad I did it. Way less hassle.
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    Need to work on summer brewing

    I hear you. I got tired of fighting it and bought a freezer.
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    Keeping cool in Georgia heat

    It's the only hot we got so we're proud of it.