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    Can you just lager your beer in a fridge?

    Been waiting almost two years.
  2. Beekeeper

    Why do all SWMBOs hate brewing and what to do about it?

    Only problem in this house is that it is difficult for wife to make it up/down the basement stairs to the keezer, so I often hear "my growler's empty," so I may make an extra trip to fill it with a style she might enjoy.
  3. Beekeeper

    What came in the mail for you today?

    Yes, this is what I received TODAY. Only a year and a half past its expiry.
  4. Beekeeper

    Gallons of cider made 2022

    326.75 + 4.5 = 331.25
  5. Beekeeper

    Pale Ale almost ready

    "Today is 28 1/2 days since I put it in the fermenter." This was stated in the OP. More inconsistency.
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    Getting kegs: confused

    That's a decent pipeline going on there.
  7. Beekeeper

    Jeopardy finally makes sense

    What is Yuengling?
  8. Beekeeper

    A little science experiment

    Wouldn't the higher alcohol content be the lighter mass per 250ml volume? That would shift 1.010 to 247.5 gm, 1.035 @ 241.5 gm, 1.065 @ 234.7 gm. So 250ml / your weight = SG. But I doubt that the unfermented wort weighed 250 gms, as there is more than simply water in there.
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    Video About Root Beer

    Don't bother.
  10. Beekeeper

    1-Gallon Brewers UNITE!

    $4.00 plus shipping is bringing me a used print version. Thanks for the book recommendation. (Indirect quote.)
  11. Beekeeper

    New beginnings

    I like the "Craftsman" controller.
  12. Beekeeper

    Inkbird Temperature Controllers

    25.00 including domestic shipping? If so, i will take it.
  13. Beekeeper

    Free shipping on 2 row 50 lb, plus 15% discount if you sign up

    I have received one (of two on the order) so far. Somewhat relieved, hoping the rest arrive before too long.
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    What's your favorite recipe?

    What's the record for reviving a necro? 2005-2022 might be the winner.
  15. Beekeeper

    Household ingredient 15.6% abv cider

    I couldn't believe any of the other values after this one.