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    Blueberry+Hibiscus melomel

    Sounds awesome! My wife loves hibiscus tea. I'll have to try this! Thanks for the recipe.
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    Meadmakers Corner: Brewing A Cyser

    Arktos Meadery out of Grand Rapids, MI has a fantastic cyser. Great article. Thanks for sharing.
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    Sorbated Cider for backsweetening

    Okay. Thanks guys.
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    Sorbated Cider for backsweetening

    Has anyone bought sorbated cider to backsweeten with. I noticed at Aldi I can get a gallon of cider for three bucks but it has sorbate, so no good for fermenting with. But could I use it for backsweetening?
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    Mixed Berry melomel?

    I like to use cheese cloth to cover my buckets during primary. You don't have to worry about contamination because as the yeast eats through the sugar it releases CO2 which the puts a nice cap in the headspace of your bucket. The cloth is to keep things like fruit flies out. Once in secondary...
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    Mixed Berry melomel?
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    Star thistle honey

    It's pretty much all I use. Maybe a little golden rod in the fall. It's all up to the bees for me. What they produce is what I use. I don't want to go out and buy honey when I don't have to.
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    Second 1 Gal Batch with Loads of Honey

    Yeah when I make a batch that is big like that I try to start a bit lower and add honey as the yeast is working. Like on day two add a bit, and day four, and so on. Also probably what knocked you on your ass is CO2. It happens to me when I open my fermentation chamber sometimes. Makes me cough...
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    Experiment: Coconut Water Bochet

    Using TOSNA I can have meads with 71b tasting perfect in less than 3 months.
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    How Many Gallons of Mead 2015 Edition!

    5 gallons of blueberry mead 735
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    Bochet GROUP BREW - Solera Style

    Yeah that's kinda what I was thinking. Thanks for the reply.
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    Scrub Master 3000 Version 2.0

    Perfect. Thanks! Also welcome to the forums :)
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    Scrub Master 3000 Version 2.0

    Do you happen to have a build thread for yours? I like the look of it a lot.
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    Scrub Master 3000 Version 2.0

    I'm sure you could easily incorporate Malfet's bottle washer into the scrub master. Should be fairly simple.
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    Starting All Grain with 1 Gallon, which method is best for me?

    I'd use the two gallon for lower gravity beer and the four gallon for higher gravity brews. I think biab is the way to go. This winter I'm going to start doing one gallon batches on the stove with a three gallon with biab. I currently do 3.5 gallon batches outside with a 7.5 gallon kettle and...