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    StarSan Question- (1st brew in 6 months happening tomm)

    Ive finally got a chance to brew some beer tomm, for the 1st time in 6 months. Im basing it off a clone recipe for Blanche De Bruges. My large container of StarSan is probably about 10 months old....(undiluted of course, Im referring to the actual container of pure StarSan)....ive been storing...
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    Thinking about kegging..found something on Craigslist

    Nope...nothing else. As I was exploring tho thru some of these posts...I found a link to the beveragefactory..and found a dual tap system brand new for like $500...I think if I were to get serious about kegging...I rather cough up the extra $100 or so to have something new...and with a 2nd tap
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    Thinking about kegging..found something on Craigslist

    Its not that I hate bottling...I just feel like I would brew more frequently if I didn't have to bottle. That being said, I found a Summit Kegerator (1 tap) on craigslist that includes a CO2 tank for $375. Seeing that I dont know much about kegging...assuming this is in decent it a...
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    Is it possible to grow hops up a grapevine?

    I could plant at either the grapvine which case they would be pretty much sitting on top of each other or I could plant at the base of one of the poles..which is probably 3ft away from the grapevine root. Not sure if the taste/flavor of 1 could impact the other tho.
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    Is it possible to grow hops up a grapevine?

    I could have it go up the huge root that starts the grapevine itself....or up 1 of the steel poles. But I was wondering...if the shade created by the grapvine would harm the hops...although the roots itself would be completetly exposed to sun. Also, could the hops impact the grapes taste...or...
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    saaz availability

    Not sure...but I've got one in the ground..and the folks @ thymegarden (where I ordered) told me I was 1 lucky sob. They said very few people got them this year....i pre-ordered back in November.
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    2009 Hop garden picture thread.

    First time trying to link a picture....hope this works.... Picasa Web Albums - S - Hops So this is my first attempt growing hops. From left to right I planted.. Cascade, Chinook, Saaz, & Fuggle. You'll notice the Fuggles are in that tiny other large planter fell apart on...
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    Just planted 4 rhizomes- Am I Screwed?

    I would do that if I had somewhere to put them.
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    Just planted 4 rhizomes- Am I Screwed?

    Planted...and watered them in individual large pots...not quite 1/2 whiskey barrel..but close.. overnight low is supposed to be 21F. Right now its low to mid 40s....and tomm will warm back into the 40s as well.
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    Has anyone gotten their rhizomes from thymegarden yet?

    Update: I received mine last night. They came in envelope? Never planted hops before...but I thought they'd be bigger.
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    is a sparge necessary?

    Yea- i'm not sure why...never really made sense to me either. Even the amount water they instruct you to use seems off to me. Johnny- what I have done for those recipes is get 2 pots of water going...1.5 gal to steep...then about 1.5 gal to drop in the grain bag at the end of the...
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    Has anyone gotten their rhizomes from thymegarden yet?

    I ordered my rhizomes back in November and I just checked the status of my order number on the thyme garden website it say's.... Status: In progress Shipment Shipping Method A Standard Delivery ...not sure what it means, but I imagine they are on there way...trip to the...
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    is a sparge necessary?

    In defense of the OP- my "CLONE BREW" book has several "Extract" recipes that instruct the homebrewer to steep specialty grains (not base grains) and then sparge.
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    Growing Hops Upside Down

    I ordered 4 rhizomes, which I'm hoping to receive soon, and was wondering if it would be possible to use this contraption for each of them? Topsy Turvy Hanging Tomatoes Official Site - Upside Down Planter ...this will be my first time growing hops.
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    Any tips for bottling more than 1 brew back to back?

    Last time I bottled- I bottled an Oatmeal Stout...rewashed my siphon, bottling bucket, etc. with PBW...resanitized with Star San...and then bottled my apfelwein. I'm looking to pickup another primary and would ideally like bottle everything I've got on the same day without going through the...