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    Low hop aroma with High Hopped Beers Issue!

    I would recommend cutting the carapils down and reducing the mash temp. 1.017-18 has quite a bit of residual sugar which tends to mute hop flavors and aromas a bit. If you can get your FG down around 1.010-12 it should help bring the hops forward. I also second taking a look at water chemistry...
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    Yeast Starter Plan

    Pull yeast from fridge and slap it right away. In 4-6 hours it will be swollen and ready to go. If you go 1.75L in a 2L flask on the stir plate, in my experience, it is going to foam out but this has never resulted in an infection so I don't worry about it. I use for my starter...
  3. bbrim

    Dry hopping advice

    So I paired 1oz of Columbus with .5oz EKG in the WLP060 batch, and 1oz Centennial with .5oz Azacca in the US-05 batch. I will have to wait and see how things work out. Both smelled good 12 hours after the hops went in.
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    E/SE Nebraska Grain buy 2016

    This is disappointing. I am sorry they pulled the rug out from under you. I appreciate all your efforts on this front though. Cheers.
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    Dry hopping advice

    I brewed 10g of American Pale Ale on Sunday. I used 17lbs pale ale malt and 1lb crystal 40 as the grain bill. In the kettle I hopped with .25oz Topaz FWH 1.5 oz each Centennial and Columbus at 10 1.5 oz each Columbus and Centennial at flameout (whirlpool for 15 minutes). I used Us-05 in...
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    Poll: Favorite Most Used Specialty Grains

    Favorite: Special Roast-it has a nice tangy flavor with bready aromas that are unique and wonderful in amber to brown ales. Most used: C40-just a nice sweet note with a bit of caramel that nicely rounds out an awful lot of beers. Munich/Vienna: I love these too but I use them as base malts and...
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    E/SE Nebraska Grain buy 2016

    I can give up the half bag of wheat that I am splitting with Quincy if that is acceptable to him.
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    Boadicea Hops

    I made a premium bitter with these hops last fall. I had 1 oz of Boadicea with 1 oz of EKG in the Whirlpool, and 1 oz Boadicea at 15 minutes. It was a simple recipe and it had a nice floral character with hints of orange. Overall very mild but pleasant.
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    E/SE Nebraska Grain buy 2016

    Looks good to me!
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    E/SE Nebraska Grain buy 2016

    Exactly. I don't care which malting company it is from. I plan to use it at 10-20% in pale ales and such, so I'm not looking for major flavor contributions. Let me know if you want to split and if you have a preference.
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    E/SE Nebraska Grain buy 2016

    Does anyone want to split a bag of wheat before this thing goes final?
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    Chicago Breweries

    Hell yes! We are going to both shows, that is precisely the purpose of our trip. We got pit tickets on Monday Night!
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    E/SE Nebraska Grain buy 2016

    When I went on the googledoc it wouldn't let me change the name so that I could set up a page for myself. As to the wheat I would like; I don't have strong feelings as I plan to use it in relatively low percentages in pales ales and such. I am up for Best Malz pale wheat, Briess White Wheat...
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    Using Galaxy Hops

    Galaxy is one of the best stand alone hops I have tried. That said they pair nicely with Citra. I actually have a pale ale on tap that used Galaxy, Citra, and Azacca. It is excellent. I have never tried Mosaic so I don't know how it will play with the others. What I will say is I think you would...
  15. bbrim

    E/SE Nebraska Grain buy 2016

    I am in as well. Thanks for setting this up again. I am hoping to split a bag of wheat with someone, so if anyone is interested, lets talk.