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    Calling all Information Scientists

    Ask Forgiveness not Permission
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    Saccharomyces eubayanus

    Very Cool! That beer looks great btw! I would think a lower mash temperature could reduce the maltotriose formation and hopefully drive the attentuation up as well. Perhaps the use of some enzymes to increase fermentability, much like they use in "light" beers could help.
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    1 Barrel 1 micro Brewery

    One barrel a month!? What is that a ten gallon system brewed once a weekend? That volume is so low you won't ever be able to keep one client happy. There is plenty of information out there. Get on Google, write a business plan, and actually think this through. I don't think you grasp the amount...
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    Saccharomyces eubayanus

    You said you kegged it, how does it taste? Any noticeable weird off gassing during fermentation? Pictures?
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    Saccharomyces eubayanus

    Any luck with this quest? I happened to stumble upon this article in an unrelated avenue of the internet and had the same question as you.
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    saison Brett

    So I made my first sour saison with a sour mash and Brett added to the secondary. My question is, I now have a pellicle, will I ruin my beer by trying it before the pellicle f falls? I don't want to age itr forever, am I good to try and drink at will?
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    Flavor Bombs!?

    Grand Canyon Brewing introduced in-bottle plastic vessels called “flavor bombs” in December This week’s acclamation goes out to the Flavor Bomb, an invention from Grand Canyon Brewing Co. in Williams, Ariz. Sent to shelves in December, these tiny plastic vessels are made to be stuffed with...
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    A good recipe to brew for Lent fasting

    Go for under-attenuation. This leaves more residual sugars and will bulk up the body. Mash high, boil for two hours, use Munich malt as your base. Throw in some unmalted barley and wheat. Use a low attenuating yeast, like a Scottish yeast. Ferment cool, and your good to go.
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    Sour Mash Ale

    So I just kegged up my Kentucky common today. It tastes damn delicious. I'll well definitely brew again. Basically it is slightly sweet, perhaps under attenuated because of the sour mash, has nice corn sweetness, and is extremely drinkable. What I've gathered for a full sour mash is to sour at...
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    Hops Good Beer

    I thought founders devil dancer was not good.
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    How to get Motor Oil black color.

    A good idea for those dark grains is to use what you need in the mash too hit your necessary pH then cold steep the rest. This extracts color and flavor but little harshness. There is no or very little fermentables in dark roasted grains.
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    New Beer Man on the Planet

    Congratulations good sir!
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    floaters in commercial beer?

    I had this as well in a great lakes beer. My understanding is that they are strands of protein that have clumped together. It has no effect on taste. I believe a possible solution is PVPP, or polyvinylpolypyrrodinol, aka polyclar.
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    craft brewer acting illegally in Chicago!? Stone Brewing co-founder says a craft brewery is upping ‘unethical’ biz practices in Chicago.
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    craft brewer acting illegally in Chicago!?

    So Greg Koch of stone brewing said on Twitter that there is a large craft brewery in Chicago participating in illegal/unethical things in Chicago. My first thoughts are who, what, how and why. Is it goose island? Is it laguintas? What are they doing? How does Greg know and why? What are you...