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    Session IPA

    Hey, I've been working on building a newer Session type IPA recipe and was hoping to get some thoughts. I do full boil BIAB all grain brewing: 6 gallon batch Grain: 10.1 lbs Two Row .8 lb Crystal 40 .4 lb Rye Hops: .5 oz Chinook 60 Minutes .5 oz Citra 10 minutes 1 oz Amarillo...
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    What process / technique / piece of equipment has improved your beer the most?!

    1) Ferm temp control 2) Kegging 3) Learning to relax I used to get worked up at every slight temp variance and it really turned brew day and really the next 3 weeks into a series of worries and over analyzing every activity. Now I try my best to set it and forget it and brewing has become...
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    Allagash White Clone

    Been trying this beer for a while now and still can't get the taste just right. Typically using Wyeast 3944 Belgian Wit...fermenting between 68 and 74....more natural heating rather than slowly raising the temp Then using .5oz crushed coriander, .5oz bitter orange peel, .5oz finely chopped...
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    Serious Off Flavors

    I did ferment a little high....probably closer to low 70's and I did create a 1 Liter starter for a 6 gallon batch. To be honest most of the time I haven't had off flavors....the beer has just been too thin so I added some additional stuff to the grain bill. I got the feel and consistency...
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    Serious Off Flavors

    Just kegged an Allagash White Clone with a recipe I hadn't used before and the first taste was straight band aid....both taste and smell....really can't even drink it. I've been reading a ton and trying to source the issue and have landed on perhaps too much chlorine in my water. I haven't...