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    Nasty haze, and other brewing tragedies

    The yeast isn't going to settle out very quickly at room temperature. After letting it sit in the bottle for at least a couple weeks you should leave it in the fridge for a few days, this will definitely settle most of the yeast out and make your beer a little clearer. The floaties were...
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    LHBS Loyalty

    I don't think you owe your LHBS any loyalty, its just that "if" they do a good job providing you with what you are required at a fair price then you will become a loyal customer. Most of the people on this site who swear by their LHBS have probably had great experiences with them, and therefore...
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    Custom Bottle Caps?

    I use one of those white, wet erase markers that liquor stores use on wine bottles. Wipes off easy enough and I can write directly on the bottle.
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    Help 5 Weeks to a Wedding What can I brew ?

    Hefe, Hefe, Hefe, Hefe. 2-3 weeks in primary then force carb.
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    Fat Tire Clone My @SS

    Try a little less then two gallons, but still a heck of a lot of beer. I'm more interested in how you lift a 6L glass, or do you drink it out of a straw? :cross:
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    Recipe Needed!!! Simple Strong Hop Tasting Ale!

    Alpha King Pale Ale: STYLE: American Pale Ale ABV%: 6 IBUS: 66 COLOR: Deep Orange Description: Big American Pale Ale with citrusy aroma- a hop lover’s cult beer and Three Floyds’ flagship beer Brewed with Cenntennial, Cascade & Warrior Hops If you want to try something...
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    Klingon Blood Ale....?

    Alright, good talk then.
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    Dum Boddels . . .

    Yeah, took care of the ones that I could twist, just not convinced the others have a good seal.
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    Dum Boddels . . .

    Wish I had known that Anchor Steam bottles and Modello Negro bottles sucked, before I started bottling my Amarillo IPA. So, are the seals on the caps going to keep co2 from escaping or amy I getting two six packs of flat beer.
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    3 hefe's in one day!

    I think oranges in Witbiers (most have orange peel in the recipe anyways) and maybe in American wheats might be OK, but never understood why someone would put fruit in a Hefe. Hefeweizens are supposed to have very little in the way of hop flavor or bitterness, and are typically made with low...
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    3 hefe's in one day!

    If you want to go with American hops why not try Liberty or Mt. Hood. The cascade and amarillo might be a little to fruity and citrusy, and not sure I would do any late aroma additions.
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    LHBS ups the $$$$

    Not really out of two-row, just Briess two-row. They have a great hop selection, and pretty good prices. The people there don't always give the most practical advice, but still the selection keeps me from shopping on line for anything but kegging equipment.
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    Opinions on this recipe...

    This is a great reference (I've used Liberty and Mt. Hood as subs. for Hallertau, with good success).
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    Anyone else oder rhizomes from Northern Brewer?

    Isn't that the point of an HBS? The markup is the same whether the vendor is on line or in person (well maybe less if online exclusively). HBS's buy items from different sources (whether it is the original manufacturer or a distributor) then mark the product up and sell it to you, it isn't...
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    Should I remove some of the yeast cake prior to pitching on it?

    It depends on the type of yeast and style of beer. If you are brewing a style where the yeast is going to contribute very little to the flavor profile then you will be fine pitching on top of the entire yeast cake. But if you are brewing with a belgian yeast then you may lose some ester...