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    Can I add DME to a brew while it ferments?

    Has anyone tried this recently? I brewed a WPA yesterday and only got about 60% efficiency (I've chalked it up to a poor crush from Midwest. When I crush my own, I'm in the upper 70's). I hit around 1.034 SG when I expected around 1.052 SG. I was already pushing the limits for this beer...
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    Question for folks order grains form midwest.

    If you order one of their AG recipe kits, they'll combine all of the grains into one bag. If you order everything separately, they'll package it separately. At least that's been my experience. Just a head's up that the crush on the grains that I've had from Midwest has not been very good. If...
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    A Good Summer Brew?

    I was in the same boat as you looking for a good summer beer to brew. I decided on this Wheat Pale Ale from | Recipes I've never done a WPA before, but this sounded damn tasty, and the price was right at $28 shipped from Midwest.
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    Imperial Pumpkin

    I JUST brewed this one up. I brewed an extract pumpkin ale with Midwest's Pumpkin Ale recipe kit as a base last year. It was terrible until it aged about 5 months, then it was one of the better Pumpkin Ales I'd tasted. I've since made the jump to all grain, and this was my all grain attempt...
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    GLBC Nosferatu Clone?

    Anyone have any ideas for a clone of this brew? If not, does anyone have suggestions for a really good American Strong Ale? I've been eyeballing the Midwest Supplies Superior Strong Ale.
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    Jake-O-Lantern Imperial Pumpkin Ale

    This should be ready on 10/11. I cracked one early (at 5 days in the bottle) just to taste it. It is still kinda bitter and has a noticeable alcohol bite. Also, it wasn't carbed _AT ALL_. I gave the bottles a good shaking hoping this will wake up the yeasties. I'm hoping that letting this...
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    GLBC Nosferatu Clone?

    Hey everyone, I just picked up a 4 pack of Great Lakes Nosferatu. This beer is excellent! I could easily kill the 4 pack in one session (although at 8%, it might not be a good idea). :drunk: Does anyone have an extract clone recipe for this great beer? It's only a seasonal, but I'd love...
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    midwest pumkin ale kit alteration?

    I made a couple of modifications to the Midwest Kit. You can see what I'm trying here: I can't speak to the outcome just yet as it's still in the primary. I'll be racking to secondary on Monday, and I figure it...
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    Jake-O-Lantern Imperial Pumpkin Ale

    I brewed this on Monday 09/01, so it's' still pretty early. The airlock started to bubble yesterday around 2pm and it's still going strong this morning. I'll be racking it to the secondary this coming Monday or Tuesday. As far as the imperial part of the name, I will have to look into the...
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    Jake-O-Lantern Imperial Pumpkin Ale

    I added the 3.3lbs of LME, brown sugar and another ounce of Mt. Hood hops to balance it out. I also went with the McCormicks Pumpkin Pie Spice as opposed to the small spice pack in the Midwest kit. I'm interested to see how it turns out. I'm thinking that it may be a little bitter.
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    Jake-O-Lantern Imperial Pumpkin Ale

    Fall is my favorite season for beer...fresh hops, pumpkin ales, oktoberfests. If there's one thing I love to drink, it's a pumpkin beer. Only problem is that I haven't found the perfect one. If I could mix Weyerbacher's Imperial Pumpkin with Southern Tier Pumking, I think that would be close...
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    Secondary fermentation in primary

    I'm still new at homebrewing, but I brewed the Brewer's Best IPA kit for my first batch. I can tell you from experience that the longer you let this sit, the better it will be. I bottled my beer after 9 days, and I started drinking it around 7 days after bottling. It had a very bitter taste...
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    Day 5 - Concerns before bottling

    Thanks again everyone. The quick and non-condescending responses are much appreciated. Sounds like I just need to give it another week or two and check back. I'll bite the bullet and re-sanitize all of my bottles again (was hoping I wouldn't have to). I'm really excited to get this batch...
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    Day 5 - Concerns before bottling

    Thanks fellas, I'll put everything away and take another reading in a week or so. I read the 1-2-3 rule, but got overly excited and ready to bottle when my reading was at 1.012 for a couple of days (in the satellite, of course).