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    15-A Irish Red Ale Brew,Medal, Blog, Repeat Brewed by: Michael Jacobs Written by: Steve Thanos Casted behind the shadows of the English Bitter or Pale Ales, the Irish Red Ale’s history is difficult to trace. While some Irish Ales have actually been lagers too, the...
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    Reiterated Mashing

    Do you often max out your mash tun or Brew in a Bag? Do you shy away from brewing big beers? Try reiterated mashing the next time you want to brew a big beer. Check out a blog post I write for Homebrew Academy:
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    Märzen 6A Amber Malty European Lager Brew, Medal, Blog, Repeat Märzen 6A Amber Malty European Lager I do not know if there is a single style of beer that captures a season quite as well as Märzen, or Oktoberfest. I tried to coincide this blog post with the first...
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    Kolsch 5-B Pale Bitter European Beer Brew/Medal/Blog/Repeat

    A new blog post. This time about our favorite German beer, a Kolsch. Inspired by my recent trip to HomeBrewCon and listening to some “learnd” men. If you are considering the achievements of the city of...
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    Kentucky Common 27 Historical Beers

    Check out the latest blog entry. Whenever someone mentions Kentucky, my mind wanders to the oaky, woody, and smooth elixir that can only be described as Bourbon. This beer style was quite popular in the...
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    American Pale Ale 18-B Brew-Medal-Repeat

    An American Pale Ale winning first place and brewed at a local brewery.
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    Hoppy Oktoberfest Beer Specialty Beer 34-C Brew-Medal-Blog-Repeat

    Freshly milled grains as fine as oatmeal. Allows for great conversion and efficiency I first encountered a Harvest Ale after trying 51st Ward Brewing Company’s “East Clintwood.” For years I searched for recipes, looked on the BJCP website and app, tried to figure out when style was created. I...
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    American IPA 21-A Brew-Medal-Blog-Repeat

    Awesome! Love MO. Thanks for reading. Cheers!
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    American IPA 21-A Brew-Medal-Blog-Repeat

    I don't sparge since I do BIAB. So all of the water additions are just for the mash. When I went to check my ph, I couldn't find my ph reader. Usually the ph is around 5.4-5.3. The Pale 2-Row will certainly work well here. Cheers!
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    American IPA 21-A Brew-Medal-Blog-Repeat

    American IPA 21-A Den of Iniquity The origin of the recipe takes us back to March of 2016. I had recently entered a beer/food/art pairing competition at a local brewery. Beerfly Alleyfight, which coincided with Chicago Craft Beer Week. This event took place at Haymarket Brewing Company. The...
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    American IPA 21-A Brew-Medal-Blog-Repeat Check out the blog above. Mosaic hopped IPA taking third and second in two competitions. If you like what you see, subscribe to the blog, like the Facebook page Brewing Thru The Styles a beer blog. Cheers!
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    Brewing Through the BJCP Styles and Medaling in all of them

    Our quest is to brew through the BJCP Styles and Medal in every one of them.
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    Patience and the Homebrewer

    Patience and the Homebrewer Axle Rose and Charlie Papazian walk into a bar. I’m a sucker for good 80’s music. The gentle sway and enchanting whistle of Axle Rose has always helped me to relax. Meanwhile, Charlie Papazian coined the term, ”Relax, Don’t Worry Have a Homebrew” or RDHAHB as many...