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    Lodi, WI Homebrew contest Sep 29th

    Don't have any brews to enter this year:(, but will be cooking ribs! :D Check it out at
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    Homebrew Comp/Public VIP tasting shut down

    Thanks Logan and Bensiff, I sent an email to the AHA looking for help on Friday and am a current member. I have heard of agroup of homebrewers in WI already working on the issue and hopefully the AHA will be able to hook me/us up with them. Does anyone here know of that group? By the way, 100%...
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    Homebrew Comp/Public VIP tasting shut down

    The idea came from other similar charity events here in WI that are advertised and even one that is not a charity event put on by a chamber of commerce, so it was assumed that the laws are not strictly enforced. That is unless someone complains!
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    Homebrew Comp/Public VIP tasting shut down

    Thanks for all the replies and ideas everyone! Hopefully we can work on changing the laws before the event next year. I have read of a few establishments having their liquor license suspended for the day of the event, but that still doen't help us with the "only served at the place where it was...
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    Homebrew Comp/Public VIP tasting shut down

    We are having some legal issues with a homebrew competition tied with a fundraiser for MS and were hoping to get some advice on how to keep this event going into the future. Any help or advice would be greatly appreciated. You can read about the event and what happened here...