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    Nut flavour in beer

    I believe "nutty" flavors are only from malt. Adding nuts (or nut extracts, which I never thought of) cant really do much, as far as I know. The term "nutty" is just the closest association of the flavor to our language. Like, "wet cardboard" doesnt mean someone added wet cardboard to the mash...
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    Whoa don't know how this happened.

    Brew assistant?......... Thats nice of you. I was always called a brew bitch!
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    Stuck Fermentation

    Ive had a barleywine in primary for at least a month, and I cannot get down my final gravity. OG- 1.092 FG- 1.031 Im using Wyeast 1028 London Ale, which should have about 76% apparent attenuation. Ive got 2 packs of Nottingham dry yeast? Should I pitch those packs? Make a starter, pitch...
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    Wheat/Rye/Corn combo?

    I think the corn is unnecessary. Its only going to lighten the body.
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    I just got 6#s of Carared malt for a Irish red. Anybody use this before? Its the first Ive ever heard of it. Tell me what you think of it.
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    Your last beer before you die??

    A three year old barleywine... or 3 three yr old barleywine. Just in case my death will be painful.
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    Use For Spent Grains?

    Critters and bugs like the grains because of the sugar. If you live in the city, I wouldnt keep them. Especially hops, they can kill dogs (and Im assuming other animals) if ingested. Find a farm with horses or pigs, animals LOVE the spent grains! But, in the city, dont keep them.
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    Reverse Osmosis Water for all grain brewing

    I believe 5.2-5.5 is a good pH throughout brewing.
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    First AG and fruit none-the-less...please help if you can.

    I have heard many times that fruit brewers never put enough in. So, I say, 5# is good! Always try to overdo it. When you make a fruit beer, you want the fruit to be noticable.
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    Crazy Fermentation!

    So, my barleywine was brewed yesterday, with an OG of 92 (wanted 100 or more, but I opted for second runnings). Anyway, I woke up this morning to a HUGE and vigorous fermentation. I put it in a warmer area to help it get going, but now it has been fermenting at 78degrees and I cant get it down...
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    Dryhopping a Barleywine?

    A barleywine is so alcoholic, you neednt worry about sanitation as much. But yes, dry hop that bad boy.
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    Hops in the mash?

    Sounds like someone actually NEEEEDS a hop transducer... cant get punchier and fresh aroma than beer poured through one of those.
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    Chinook + Cascade + ?? = ??(grapefruit?)

    I dry-hopped with 2 oz cascade and normal, or bad beer drinkers, said it tasted like grapefruit juice. I used the freshest hops ever! It was grand.... now its gone.
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    Comments on a Scottish 80/-

    I now figure this is WAAAY to much roasted barley. Ill cut it down to 2% definitely. As for the hops at 15 minutes, it defeats the purpose of a scottish: ALL MALT. Mmmmmm.:ban:
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    Comments on a Scottish 80/-

    So, Im brewing a Scottish 80/- and heres what Ive come up with: (comments if you have any) 10 Gallon Batch OG: 1.054 IBU: 23 Efficiency: 85% Boil: 90 Minutes Malt: Pale Ale Malt (Britain)-- 10 Lbs Pale Malt (America)-- 6.50 Lbs Roasted Barley (Britain)-- .50 Lbs Munich...