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    So I mixed parts from 32 kegs together...

    Thanks for the help, all. I'm going to go do some sorting now.
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    So I mixed parts from 32 kegs together...

    Went back in time - messed up the whole infinite energy thing, and now it looks like we're back at trying to figure out how to go beyond fossil fuels. Not going to try that again, so does anyone have any good info or resources to help me figure this out?
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    So I mixed parts from 32 kegs together...

    And after cleaning everything, I now realize that I have at least 3 different kinds of kegs, and I have no idea which parts go where, or even how to figure it out. So, anyone have any good information about how I can figure this out, instead of brute force trial and error? Some things I've...
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    Motorized Monster Mill Build

    Thanks for the write up. My pieces are laid out now, just figuring out details and the last bits to get. Pics to come...
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    North east sours?

    Night shift in Boston. Some of the best intense sours around.
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    CT Brewers Check-In

    Bridgeport Checking In. I'd be interested in bottle shares, group brewing, and general shenanigans.
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    HomeBrewTalk 2014 Big Giveaway

    In please! Thanks all.
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    ECY on right now!

    Looks like the following are available now: ECY21 ECY01 ECY17 ECY02 ECY26
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    HDPE solera

    I bet the sediment reduction you are seeing could be compaction. Also, thanks for the posts, this seems like something similar could take up space in my basement soon. Sent from my SGH-M919 using Home Brew mobile app
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    Crushed my grain 5 days ago......

    If your bin is airtight, I tend to agree, though most suggest that 1 year is about the limit you should store uncrushed grain. Sent from my SGH-M919 using Home Brew mobile app
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    ECY on right now!

    Get them both and do a spilt batch.
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    ECY on right now!

    Hahaha, is that like the homebrewer's fallacy? Hope the SWMBO doesn't see such things. But I do that too. . .
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    ECY on right now!

    When you buy it, it has always been much cheaper if I use USPS instead of UPS/FedEx for shipping.
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    ECY on right now!

    Thanks. I got bug Country a couple weeks ago, now I will try out the brett strains.
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    NB Le Terroir

    Ok. I'm drinking my first bottle of Le Terroir right now. As soon as I smelled it, I knew it was going to be good. Now, here I am - looking for a clone recipe. Antiteam - Did you brew this exactly as posted? Did you make any changes? I'm going to be trying this in a week or two. Man this is a...