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    planting hops in pots

    I planted mine in pots and am not having any problems...yet. I'll be closing on a new house next week, so next weekend the hop garden gets built.:ban: I have a magnum and cascade that are growing slowly, mainly due to the number of shoots coming up (5 or 6 per rhizome). Both of these have...
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    enough Yeast? When to brew?

    I don't believe the yeast changes the flavor profile much after FG is reached. From my understanding once the brew reaches FG, the yeast have pretty much done all they're going to do until you add other fermentables (ie: priming sugar for carbing). I'm pretty sure the aging process is more or...
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    Hefe Yeast for Ales????

    Sounds lke something that might be interesting to try from an experimental stand. Like others have said, thouhg, if it's just the only yeast you have, you'd be better off getting a dry yeast or a liquid ale yeast (if time isn't a factor). If you try it, let us know how it turns out.
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    Well, at least they're trying!

    I thought this was quite comical: I'd go get it, but it would cost more in gas than it would for a six pack at the corner!!!
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    Hop Rhizome Question

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    improving batch #2

    It will work, you just won't be able to precisely control the temp. Keep in mind that any temp change you make with the built in contorller will take 12-24 hours to settle in (depending on the fridge size). What about doing a Partial Mash on the next one? You'll get a little more control over...
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    A technique Question - fermentation temps

    I'm at the opposite end....My fermentation temps are at the higher range of what they should be. I'm typically around 68-70, which is borderline too warm. But, I'm living in a rental house for now, so I can't make any modifications to it. If I'd quit spending money on other stuff, I'd probably...
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    Cracked Open My First Homebrew Tonight

    Just tapped a keg of my stout a few days ago...A littel warm in these parts for a stout, but it is YUMMY!!!!:ban:
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    Yuri Rage's rig on

    Crap! Like I don't have enough things I want to build/test/play with. Now the list is going to grow to near unmanageable proportions!!!! Nice rig, Yuri!!
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    You bastards

    Any habit is tough for me...SWMBO is an accountant. Usually, if I have money in my pocket, I have a list and exact change!!!!:D
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    You bastards

    I gotta quit hanging out here...I'm gonna go broke soon.
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    Where to drink near Kissemmee, FLO

    They do make pretty wicked margaritas in Mexico, though. We have to plan for that, cuz after a couple of those it's lights out for SWMBO:tank:
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    Music Match

    Boys Of Summer - Don Henley
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    Where to drink near Kissemmee, FLO

    When I was there a couple of months ago, they had tanks and what not and were in the process of piping them. I talked to the guy at the bar and he said they were going to start brewing on site this summer. Might stop in and see just to have a beer at the bar. They do have a pretty good APA.
  15. B Site Certificate (EDIT: Certificate is fine)

    Placed an order this morning - Verisign Certificate is good. There's another one (Securmetrics, I think) that says it has issues. Could just be a problem with the link. As long as the Verisign cert is good, I'm happy.