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    to much carbonation

    Wouldn't be the first time the sugar pack was overweight. Get them cold and open over a big glass.
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    Identify this fridge

    looks like a frigidaire
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    Older brewers techniques.

    I hit 62 five years ago, retired and moved to the beach. Been brewing since 1985. Bought a gas Breweasy and made a few batches before I moved but haven't brewed since the move. Finally getting ready to get my brew room set up. I am planning to modify any process step that requires lifting...
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    Hit a snag on an unusual cyser batch...

    Did the apple juice have preservatives of any kind?
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    Bru'n Water and Wards Labs

    This may not be the right place to ask, but here goes: I'm closing on a house Friday. It has a well with somewhat elevated iron so it has a water conditioner. I am on well now with terrible water and a water conditioner so I typically purchase water for brewing. In the new house I am...
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    Kegerator build help needed - shopping list

    Maybe you will have a better experience but I will never buy a Summit product. I bought a townhouse that had a Summit dual zone refrig/freezer undercounter unit in the bar. It was a nice unit, maybe 4 years old, when it failed. I looked up the unit and the best replacement price was about...
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    Fermentation chamber/yeast pitching

    seal it, transport and then oxygenate it before pitching
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    Smoking for first time..Questions-advice

    I have the 22" WSM and prefer using it with no water in the water pan. I have several different smokers and just don't feel water in the pan keeps the meat moist. It does act as a heat sink and helps stabilize the smoker, which is a good thing if you are new at smoking. You will learn how to...
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    rust marks in the cooler suggest the hose air dried in a puddle of liquid. I would have used it but I'm thrifty.
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    grain storage containers

    A baker told me to put bay leaves in with stored flour or grains to keep weevils away. Not sure if it works but I haven't had a weevil problem since I started following his advice.
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    Yeast starters, pitch rates, confusion

    I'm no expert, but when I started brewing some 25 years ago we had dried yeast packs or a jar scooped from a commercial brewery fermentation vessel and not much else. The jar always worked better(primarily speed) because of the larger volume. For me, fermentation temp has the most impact on...
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    Icebox style kegerator and fermentation chamber build

    Yea, I think you mentioned you have a girlfriend--gets more difficult when you have a full time wife! I put up a pole barn for doing all of my projects. Still thinking about moving my bed out there. The one on the left looks good to me.