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  1. azfalcon

    Nice fermentation

    Used the liquid white lab yeast as well. Brought it to room temps, popped it in and gave it a good shake
  2. azfalcon

    Nice fermentation

    So here is is after a week. You can see from the sides how much it fermented. Looking good ....must be patient. Must me patient. Lol
  3. azfalcon

    Wii U?

    It's an ok system. I have it and have played a few games but my kids really like it and that's that matters. I plan on grabbing the new 360 this holiday season if it comes out
  4. azfalcon

    Miracle Hangover cure that works?

    Want a hangover cure? Lots and lots of water
  5. azfalcon

    Gravity reading at a week?

    So tomorrow night is the first week in the primary. The bubbling has slowed to almost a stop. Should I check the gravity tomorrow or just wait another week? I'm trying to be patient but want another batch going soon. Lol
  6. azfalcon

    cooling wort

    Seriously. Just drop 50.00 on a wort chiller and be done. I found one on Craigslist for 25. Works great
  7. azfalcon

    Ferment time

    It's just an Irish stout kit I got from a lHBS. I was thinking in the primary til the 14th which is 3 weeks then bottling and trying my first one 2 weeks later on my birthday the 30th of April
  8. azfalcon

    Ferment time

    So Sunday will be 1 week in the fermenting stage. Take most people's advice here I thought I would let it sit 2 - 3 weeks then bottle. Should I let is sit a minimum of 2-3 weeks in bottle as well?
  9. azfalcon

    My second brew is Belgian caramel wit.

    Sounds pretty tasty. You'll have to let us know how it is
  10. azfalcon

    Fermenting already

    I think you meant GO BRAVES!!
  11. azfalcon

    Fermenting already

    I'm ready to start brewing again and see how the next one goes
  12. azfalcon

    your first "real" beer

    Ok so I just started my first batch (Irish Stout) in 2 years so I mine as well call it my first batch. Its a kit I picked up from a LHBS. If this all goes well and the taste is good I plan on trying the White house honey Ale or something that is a little more advanced...extra hops maybe a second...
  13. azfalcon

    Fermenting already

    So it's been less than 24hrs and I already have fermenting going. Pretty excited
  14. azfalcon

    Fermenting ?

    So it's been in the closet less than 9 hours so I'm not even concerned at this point. The temp on my bucket is showing 63-65. It's 21 outside right now and I know it will warm up here as it will outside (high 50's). Should I just let it be or should I wrap it in a towel or something
  15. azfalcon

    Gravity reading question

    Looks like its on target. You rock man. Thanks for al the info.