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    Your Favorite Overlooked Beer Styles

    Farmhouse/Saison Can't find many of them where I am from.
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    Your top 3 beers

    Dale's Pale Ale (Oskar Blues) Sierra Nevada Pale Ale Sam Smith Oatmeal Stout I'm going to put in a close 4th Old Chub (Oskar Blues)
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    sanitizing oxygen caps

    I am bottling tomorrow and all I have are oxygen caps. The only sanitizer I have at the moment is OneStep. I have heard you are no supposed to use OneStep on oxygen caps. What can I use to sanitize these caps?
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    Carbonation question?

    I just openend a Brown IPA that I bottled about 3 weeks ago. It was very carbonated when I first opened it. I poured it in to a glass, the first few drinks were nicely carbonated but then it seemed to become somewhat flat after that. Anyone got any thoughts?
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    Where can I buy dimple pint glasses?

    Here ya go
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    How long will it keep?

    How long will my XPA keep in a pitch dark closet at 68 degrees? I am saving 3 sixers for family. I just want to make sure they are still going to be good when they get them. They have been in there about 2.5 month now.
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    Bottling tonight have a question!

    Grizzly, it has been in the secondary for 4 weeks now. I was thinking the same thing, just give it a little longer. Revvy I will give it a try, I am just worried that any motion in the carboy is going to cause a "storm" of hops. I guess worst case I can move it to my bottling table and let...
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    Bottling tonight have a question!

    I have an over hopped brown ale in my seconday right now that I am going to bottle tonight. When I moved it to the secondary I dry hopped with 2 oz of pellet hops and now there is a layer on the top about an inch thick. My question is, how do I rack this in to my bottling bucket minimizing the...
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    Kegging AND Bottling?

    Forgot to add this to my post.
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    Kegging AND Bottling?

    You can also get carb tabs that you can carb individual bottles.
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    Removing Logos from fine beer glasswear

    I'd love to try the new Sam Adams glasses but I am holding off because of the Logo. I'd like to know what people find that works. Subscribed!
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    Beer for SWMBO's birthday

    What about a simple Brown Ale? Most of my friends that say "I don't like that "dark" beer" are pleasantly surprised when I turn them on to a simple brown ale. I have convinced many people that just because it says Budweiser Select does not mean you are drinking good beer.
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    Good Kids

    I'm not trying to hijack, sorry OHIOSTEVE. How long does beer keep in kegs after tapped? I would love to start kegging but just worry about "spoiled" beer.
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    Cannot find a funnel!
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    Storing Extract and how long?

    How long does extract stay good? I get NB extract kits in the 1/2 gallon milk jug. How should I be storing these?