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  1. avaserfi

    No Need to Balance?

    All my CO2 and liquid line QDs are the screw kind with the flare swivel. If I am understanding you correctly, you are saying make an extension tube (in my case I need an extra 15ft - I have a 10ft line running from the barbed shank to the keg) that has one of the swivel fittings I linked...
  2. avaserfi

    No Need to Balance?

    I must be dense. I don't see how that helps. It is easy to change QDs from keg to keg, but the other end is connected to my faucet. The trouble is changing out the faucet side connection. How do I put a QD on that? My shanks are barbed and I'm not aware of any other style.
  3. avaserfi

    No Need to Balance?

    Sorry to bring this thread back from the dead, but how exactly do you make a line extension with quick disconnects? Right now I am planning on adding a keg of carbonated water to my setup and would like the option of switching between a 10ft and 25ft line depending on my needs pressure needs...
  4. avaserfi

    Make Perfect Thin and Crisp French Fries

    If you really want to go into the issues of cooking fries check this out: http://www.cookingissues.com/2010/04/27/the-quest-for-french-fry-supremacy-part-1/ This is the French Culinary Institute's Tech Blog. It is very technical read that puts the SE article to shame (the SE article is more...
  5. avaserfi

    RIP Cooler E-HLT... HELLOOOOOO Bottom Drain Keg E-HLT....

    What size tri clover did you attach to the bottom of the keggle? I really like that solution. Has anyone else tried this set up?
  6. avaserfi

    The cure for your short hose troubles

    If anyone cares, I contacted the manufacturer directly about these mixing sticks to see what they said about safety. The outer cage (the clear plastic part) is polypropylene, the actual part we are using is made from delrin in a non-food safe environment. They do not make a reasonable food safe...
  7. avaserfi

    Irish Stout Ó Flannagáin Standard

    I brewed this on April 12th. No chill, everything went great. 1.047 OG, and I ended at 1.016 using notty (mashed at about 155-155 degrees F). Before kegging, I tasted a sample and it was really impressive. It has been sitting the keg for about 1.5 weeks and is getting carbed. I poured myself a...
  8. avaserfi

    [beer gone to cooking] Mash Tun gone Souse Vide ....

    Serious eats did it very successfully. http://www.seriouseats.com/2010/04/cook-your-meat-in-a-beer-cooler-the-worlds-best-sous-vide-hack.html
  9. avaserfi

    Exploring "no chill" brewing

    Has anyone had a 6 gallon Winpak deform or hold its semi collapsed shape from the cooling process? I just kegged a beer I made not too long ago and the Winpak has a slight indent where it sucked in. Doesn't look like melting, just curious if this has happened to anyone else.
  10. avaserfi

    Using a pasta maker to mill grain.

    I got mine made a while ago (pics here) thanks to RedIrocZ-28 for knurling the rollers for almost nothing. I have run about 100lbs of grain through it and it is going strong. Last batch I got 82% efficiency, I was averaging around 75%, but changed my mash technique a little. I run the grain...
  11. avaserfi

    Electrical question (heat stick related)

    The two breakers on the right that have larger wire also have stranded wire, the rest have solid wire which accounts for the difference, I think. The two with stranded wire are clearly labeled 12awg. The box and breakers were installed by the builder.
  12. avaserfi

    Electrical question (heat stick related)

    I was sure, then you made me not sure. I don't want to cause any electrical problems in my house while brewing, so I am a little worried just to do it. Is there any sure fire way to test the cable? I can open up the receptacle or the breaker box and measure or get more pictures, but that will...
  13. avaserfi

    Electrical question (heat stick related)

    Just bumping this up to see if anyone has any advice about determining wire gauge based on the pictures I posted. Or if I need to get more information. Thanks.
  14. avaserfi

    CFC and March Pump

    Baja got dibs on both the faucet and the CFC. He was first, so I am trying to be fair. If for some reason the sale falls through, I will contact FlyinkibbleZ next, but I get the feeling that isn't going to happen.
  15. avaserfi

    CFC and March Pump

    Everything has sold. Is anyone interested in a counterflow chiller (about 25ft) or March Pump 809-PL-HS-C 115V fitted with a ball valves output. It also comes with a GFCI Outlet Adapter (that can also be used as an on/off switch). The March is ready to go with 1/2" McMaster Carr brass quick...