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    So who's brewing this weekend?

    Been a while! man what great brews everyone have going on. But I managed to brew a Orange Blossom Ale for my daughters 1st birthday. Happy brewing!
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    Does Crazy equipment = home brew slow down?

    I work in the film industry... every time i turn around its another thousand for some new thingumabob.... Boat does stand for: Break Out Another Thousand And i still play on my high school golf clubs... I find that i like to DIY my home brew stuff. But I do like seeing all the new...
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    How I turn a "plain" beer into a hop bomb...

    Have you tried a weighted hop bag and string rigged to keep it just above the dip tube?
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    Help with oak spiral

    I'm assuming that he added it to the keg that he'll serve out of. beside fishing it out you could just drink the beer and it'll just be "oakie" till you finish it, and take it as a lesson learned. I saw leave it and see how good or bad it is....
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    New or Used Fridge for a Fermentation Chamber?

    I got a nice used stand up deep freezer, with a simple temp control; holds 4 6.5gal carboys perfectly and keeps a nice 65*F all year around. I painted mine and put blackboard on the front to help with seeing what is primary, secondary, kegged, bottled and dates
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    What are you drinking now?

    Sitting in Toronto waiting on my flight to beijing and having a Mad Tom unfiltered IPA from Muskoka. I will say that it is mighty tastie!
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    Batch Priming - Making sure sugar is even throughout

    I will syphon the beer onto the dissolved priming sugar and after give it a good mix to make sure that it's all distributed well.
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    5 reasons you should brew your own beer!

    My lawn care guy thought i was making moon shine!
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    5 reasons you should brew your own beer!

    5-reasons-you-should-brew-your-own-beer Found this and I saw that it mentions homebrewtalk.com and thought I should share in case no one has seen it yet!
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    What is your Brewing Pet-Peeve?

    :rockin: i'm laughing so hard over this!
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    If anyone wants to "own" a brewery or a brew pub i suggest you find on and go and volunteer and become friends at a small brewery and see if brewing is something that you really really want to do every day of your life. I've helped brew 2 15BBL batches and I love brewing but man is it a LOT of...
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    Rye IPA Recipe Critique

    i just brewed this a few weeks ago and tasted it when i went to secondary i want to add more rye malt to it. Fermentables Ingredient Amount % MCU When US 2-Row Malt 8lb 0oz 59.3 % 2.4 In Mash/Steeped US Rye Malt 4lb 0oz 29.6 % 2.5 In Mash/Steeped US...
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    How much hops is "too much" hops?

    My house iPa has a pound in just the boil.
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    Happy St Patrick's Day

    My oatmeal stout happy st patties day!
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    First bulk grain purchase....woot woot

    congrats! I always buy bulk from my local home brew store. if i need 1-3# i get 5# if i need 5+ i'll get 10# you'll use it and that way u have enough specialty grain to go with that 110#!!! and to be honest... with the beers i brew 50# = 5 beers! So going threw that will be easy...