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  1. ashbyp

    Stopping Carbonation

    you could consider not adding priming sugar. It will take longer to carb but it should get there eventually - the yeast will eat up the hard to ferment dextrins and any other residual sugars in time.
  2. ashbyp

    First lager... Bottling Temps?

    Yup, adding yeast is a grey area. Adding more before bottling is more of an insurance policy than anything else, and normally only needed after long lagering times. I think your beer falls into that category, since you pitched the original yeast 3months ago. Good luck with it!.
  3. ashbyp

    Vienna malt-How long to steep?

    From Vienna Malt 4 L This malt is lighter and sweeter than Munich malt and is a principal ingredient of Bock beers. Retains enough enzymatic power to convert itself but is often used with a base malt in the mash. So you can steep and get fermentable sugars, but a 20min steep...
  4. ashbyp

    First lager... Bottling Temps?

    I did a similar lagering schedule recently, and I did not add more yeast. The result is that the lager has some carbonation but not really enough. I did bring the fermenter up to the primary fermentation temp before bottling, but as long as the bottles goes somewhere warm I don't think it...
  5. ashbyp

    Brewpubs in Manhattan

    Hello from London, UK. I will be in NYC for a few days next week and would like to visit a brewpub, the kind of thing I see discussed on here quite often. Any recommendations for brewpubs in Manhattan itself? Cheers!
  6. ashbyp

    Bottling apfelwein

    OK - glad I asked :) Is it possible to re-cork champagne bottles?
  7. ashbyp

    Bottling apfelwein

    Hi - Can you bottle carbonated apfelwein in normally corked wine bottles? Ie: not champagne bottles? Or will the pressure force the cork out? Cheers!
  8. ashbyp

    Crazy Question! (bottle bucket)

    I have a spigot on my bottling bucket - I just chucked some sanitizer into the bucket and then opened the tap and let it flow through. I should probably take the tap off and soak the whole thing in sanitizer though, maybe... Do you guys remove the tap and sanitize, or leave it on the bucket?
  9. ashbyp

    Just some observations about green beer

    I tasted my first brew (John Palmers pale ale) after two weeks in primary, when I was bottling. Tasted OK, lacked body but the bitterness was there and I could taste the hops. You wouldn't want to drink too much though. A week after bottling I tried it again - it's got some fizz, not huge...
  10. ashbyp

    Starter that didn't start

    Rather embarrassingly (since I've read so many threads about people worrying about stuck starters/fermentations in general), my starter kicked in last night also - so we're talking about 50 hours after I pitched it. So, I am going to build it up once more and then use it this weekend...
  11. ashbyp

    Starter that didn't start

    Yeah - tonight is my starters last chance before it gets dumped down the sink. I'll check the gravity first. Thanks for answers guys.
  12. ashbyp

    Starter that didn't start

    There was no packaged date but the use by date was June 2008.
  13. ashbyp

    Starter that didn't start

    Mine was also wyeast, WYeast 2206 Bavarian Lager to be precise. As you say - I'm putting this down to experience. Things I may have done wrong: * didn't wait until the packet swelled enough before pitching. I waited 4 hours and very little happened [the packet said pitch after 3, so I...
  14. ashbyp

    Starter that didn't start

    So still no action in the starter. I guess the fact that the packet did not really swell too much was a good indicator that there would be problems. This has put my off liquid yeast somewhat. I'll get some Saflager dried stuff instead.
  15. ashbyp

    Starter that didn't start

    OK - I'll leave it longer then. If nothing by tomorrow then I'll panic again. It was a propagator type...