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    Birds on the Bat Cream Ale (2nd Place BOS)

    Made this using US 56 yeast, very nice, great flavor easy drinking! Nice recipe
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    Helles Bock Floor Kill Ale (Maibock...ish)

    mashing this recipe great aroma! if this tastes as good as it smells while mashing it will be delicious.
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    Winter Seasonal Beer Christmas Ale (Great Lakes Clone)

    This sounds like a good recipe , can i get the mash temp and time?
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    Warrior's "Pre Pro Cream Ale"

    I will be brewing this today. Looks like a great recipe
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    New here, may have made a fermentation mistake...

    No way. not an issue will be very good
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    Tasmanian - Cascade Pale Ale

    made this again...backed off the grain bill...hit 1.040 OG
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    American Pale Ale Kona, Fire Rock Pale Ale (AG Clone)

    Brewed this beer with this modified recipe: 8.5# maris otter 1# munich .75# melanoidin .5 # Cara-pils Hops .5 Centennial---60 min .25 Cascade----40 min .25 Cascade----30 min dry hop secondary with .5 Mt. Hood followed the original recipe other than these changes REALLY NICE BREW!--wish i...
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    Tasmanian - Cascade Pale Ale

    First taste---it seems a little bit heavy. Great overall flavor but maybe too much, as noted i came up a bit too high on the OG, will back off next time to bring it in line with your numbers. Still very nice
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    Tasmanian - Cascade Pale Ale

    I haven't tasted it yet, just kegged it up saturday.
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    where to buy lube for kegging?

    I buy it at Lowe's ..... it is called plumbers silicone grease
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    One thing you'd tell a NEWB

    I made 2 kit beers, then went to AG, it was easy to do after reading the "how to's" posted on this website. The kit beers tasted stale, or "OFF" leaving me disappointed. My first AG was a simple Cream Ale. It came out so nice, I was SOLD. That was nearly 2 years ago and usually a 5 gal batch...
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    Tasmanian - Cascade Pale Ale

    I brewed this 3/12/2010. It came up at 1.050 OG...much higher than expected. I did use Nugget hops in combination with Cascade.I am hoping that this doesn't finish too sweet! Or too alcohol HOT !
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    Tasmanian - Cascade Pale Ale

    Great, i will be brewing this using Cascade this tuesday, will let you know how it goes!
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    Tasmanian - Cascade Pale Ale

    I am gonna try this recipe, when do i add the honey? I will have to change the recipe a bit and use all Cascades. Whatcha think? thanks
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    American Pale Ale Coldwater 420 - Special Pale Ale

    WOW, I think this recipe is great. VERY TASTY BEER !!!