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    Mr Beer - Read all about it and ask questions

    When I used MRB I just tilted the bottle as much as I could and let it slowly fill up. I never let it make a dripping sound. It took me a little of thirty minutes to fill up 8 bottles this way but I atleast had peace of mind that oxidation wasn't happing.
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    7.5 Gallon Glass Carboy with cart.

    I thought this was pretty neat. I am looking for a better bottle and noticed this. That could come in handy in some instances.
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    Mr Beer - Read all about it and ask questions

    With most mr. beers, they don't really foam up to much. The only thing you should have added was the booster or ume, the beer mix, and the yeast. This is where the fermentation takes place. Let it sit for normally 14 day with the mr. beer keg. Yours is done fermenting, all you need to do is...
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    Mr Beer - Read all about it and ask questions

    I mean you already brewed it. That doesn't happen with every case of leaving it in longer. Its just a possibility. It could be fine. Poor an ounce out of the tap and give it a try. Bottle it for carbonation and conditioning if it tastes alright. It will be flat and may be sweet but should...
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    Mr Beer - Read all about it and ask questions

    Yea, my first batch of Mr. Beer was the same way. The first bottle I was trying was only bottled for two weeks as well. As soon as I put it in the fridge it went cloudy. After a day of chilling I popped the top and tried it. It had a cidery taste that I didn't to much care for. But I let...
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    Mr Beer - Read all about it and ask questions

    The reason time is more important in open fermenters is not so much the proximity of the still beer to dead yeast, but of the danger of oxidation reactions occurring as the beer sits. Most do not advise leaving the beer in an open fermenter for more than 2 weeks. Here is some reading I have...
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    Mr Beer - Read all about it and ask questions

    Ok, just remember that Mr. Beer is not a sealed bottle, Its not good to leave beer in a Mr. Beer keg for longer than 10 - 14. For you, I would ferment it in the bucket for atleast two weeks and then transfer right before bottling. I just bought an ale pale. That is the way to go. I am...
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    Sam Adams

    I like there seasonal beers. Those are actually really good.
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    Batch #2 with a two questions?

    Sweet, I will go with your advise. Thanks for the help.
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    Batch #2 with a two questions?

    I am going to use a Irish Red Ale beer mix, a Mellow Amber LME, and was planing on adding some Fuggles pellets. I also have some Cascade pellets. But I think the Fuggles will go better with that than the Cascade, right?
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    Batch #2 with a two questions?

    Ok I am on the edge of graduating college and upgrading to a better set up but for now still brewing in a Mr Beer keg. :( Anyway, I have been reading and my first beer turned out fine. But, I just wanted to be clear on a couple things. Do you thing boiling my wort for 45 minutes versus...
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