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    Too Early to Dry-hop?

    hi brewers, i brewed a DIPA 2 weeks ago with an OG of 1.102 and pitched with a vial of San Diego Super Yeast WLP090. It really fermented aggressively and i thought i would end up with a FG around 1.020. I took a gravity reading today and it was at 1.126. Should i expect this to drop...
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    Anyone tired of answering efficiency questions?

    Thanks guys..some great feedback. Personally, I can live with the terrible efficiency, but it bugs me in the back of my mind when I hear claims of 80% efficiency or I'M doing something wrong. I guess in the future I will do a larger sparge volume since it seems to be the general...
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    Anyone tired of answering efficiency questions?

    Hi Brewers, I must apologize for posting yet another question about efficiency but i really feel like I'm doing something wrong or overlooking something. I have read TONS of threads about efficiency, and I'm still puzzled by my low numbers. I'll post my recipe/procedure and any feedback would...
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    Nut Brown recipe feedback plz

    thanks for the critique...I'm gonna brew this one this afternoon.
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    Nut Brown recipe feedback plz

    Hi all, I want to brew a nut brown tomorrow but would like a little feedback on my recipe first. I'd like to make a nice malty brew and am looking for maximum toasty/nutty flavor. I've attempted 2 nut browns in the past but both seemed a little weak compared to what I was shooting for. Any...
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    diastatic power recipe considerations

    Hmmm, thanks guys. A little more searching and I found a blog on the Beersmith website with the formula "To get this number, just multiply the diastatic power for each grain times the weight of that grain, add the numbers up for all of your grains, and divide by the total grain weight...
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    diastatic power recipe considerations

    I'm sorry, but I still don't know how you add it all up. Do you multiply the weight and DP for each grain then divide by total weight? Why would the guy at the LHBS tell me this if I was already in the clear? Just to sell another $2 of pale? Also, how does one compose a recipe ahead of time...
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    diastatic power recipe considerations

    Ok, i've searched and searched but still can't wrap my head around this. I recently went to my lhbs with a recipe i designed: 10 gal batch 12lbs. maris otter 12lbs. vienna malt 4 lb. cara-pils 2lb. aromatic 2lb. 20L 2lb. rye malt the guy at the shop told me that the...
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    5x pepper beers

    i brewed an IPA with dried pasilla peppers, which are fairly mild. I used 5 peppers, 3 of them with seeds removed. It dry hopped for about 2 weeks. It came out great, but the heat really creeps up on you. I was surprised how much heat it picked up from mild peppers On a side note, make...
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    First time AG Brew...Broken hydro...90% efficieny?

    ok, I understand the math now. I double checked the beersmith settings and realized I overlooked the efficiency setting at 75%, that's how it got the 1.064. That's my bad, though. i'm thinking about what I could have done wrong. I had a friend help me, and it took about 4o min. to...
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    First time AG Brew...Broken hydro...90% efficieny?

    grain bill was: 12 lbs. 2-row 1 lb. cara-pils 1 lb. 40-L 1 lb. victory 1/2 lb. aromatic
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    First time AG Brew...Broken hydro...90% efficieny?

    What's up HBT, Just hoping someone could provide some input. It's my first AG brew, an IPA, everything went fine until my hydro fell off the table and shattered to bits. Before this happened I took a reading after I sparged but before I boiled. The hydro said 1.048 @ 115 degrees for 6.5...
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    New To Yeast Harvesting

    Hi everyone, Attempting my first try at washing/saving yeast. I read a couple of the yeast washing threads but still had a few questions about my technique. I just finished bottling a session ale and boiled a couple cups of water, let it cool, then poured it into my fermenter on top of the...
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    Planning on doing AG.....need help with setup!!

    wal-mart has a coleman xtreme 70 qt. cooler on their website for $39. I bought this one and it's perfect for 5 or 10 gal brews. Thick walls so it keeps the heat well insulated. This thing can be easily converted into a fully functional MLT with about $25 and a quick trip to home depot. I...
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    Great equipment buys!

    Hey everyone, Thought I'd pass along a couple of great deals I've found for anyone looking to upgrade or get into all-grain brewing: First off, I found a Brinkmann cooker fryer (basically the turkey fryer unit without the pot) at home depot for $49.99 off the shelf. 100,000 btu's. I've...